There is always so much unreal happening in our lives that in the end we all want to freshen up our minds with good food and a hilarious movie to watch at night. If you are a lover of comedy stuff or films, Superbad is going to satisfy you a lot. You can find funny movies like superbad on the internet as well. The movie involves two teenage boys who are best friends and do everything together no matter what.

The two teenagers along with one of their nerd friends are welcomed to a party and they decide to supply all the alcohol needed in the party. But in doing so they get caught up by two cops. The film superbad each step is full of laughter and tickles/

Movie was released in– January 2007

Director-Greg mottolo

Feature song- too hot to stop

Cast- Jonah hill, Seth rogen and Michael cara

Best Top Movies Similar to Superbad 

You might come across thousands of comedy movies like superbad on the internet but here we are going to jot down the best funny movies you can watch other than superbad.

  1. Booksmart
  2. Pineapple Express
  3. Good Boys
  4. Everybody Wants Some
  5. Blockers
  6. American Pie
  7. 21 Jump Street

1. Booksmart 

Booksmart - Click42

Booksmart is one of the most hot favorite comedy films and it was loved by the youngsters all-around. Booksmart involves two teenage best friends who are bright and career ambitious. Both the girls have done nothing but to study in high school to get enrolled in good colleges. But soon just one night before the end of high school both realize that they had been missing all the fun and thus that night turns out to be a wild night for the girls. They crash into their teacher, take a lot of fancy drugs and then end up fighting with people at some club. The film is super hilarious. 

2. Pineapple Express 

Pineapple Express - Click42

Pineapple express has a great perceptive like superbad and that is to make people laugh and happy with its comedy plot. The film was released a year after Superbad and shared some ground. The film Pineapple Express involves two older versions of teenage boys and one of them is a server and the other is a weed drug dealer. Both go out for a run after the murder of a hitman. Both caught up in their wild struggle to get away with the crazy stuff they had done in the past. The film was a super blockbuster and gained audiences.

3. Good Boys 

Good Boys - Click42

If you are bored of watching all comedy movies like superbad and want to get a watch of something much younger and smaller in package then good boy is the right choice. It involves three pre-teen boys who are invited to the party of a famous class boy.

But before the party even started the boys went through a series of problems and adventures and one of them was to replace a broken drone. The film shows how three 6th graders struggle to get their work done before the party they had been waiting for all year.

4. Everybody Wants Some 

Everybody Wants Some - Click42

This film was released in the early 1980s and it was a superhit. Though both Everybody Wants Some and Superbad are somewhat same but are also quite different plot wise but both show a lot of hilarious elements that were loved by the viewers.

The film shows a freshman baseball player who comes to college and gets surrounded by other players who are all set to teach him the rules of ropes. The film involves a little older boy who shows his wildness throughout the film. It was a blockbuster because the film was super funny for everyone. 

5. Blockers 

Blockers - Click42

Growing up is difficult and this film has succeeded in exhibiting a great lesson apart from the comedy stuff it involves. The film features the all-famous John cena in it as well. The film comprises three high school buddies who plan to lose their virginity on their prom night but unfortunately their parents get to know of their plan and struggle hard to prevent their kids from doing so.

The film is pretty funny but also explains a great lesson. It shows how hard it becomes for the parents to let go of their kids even after they have matured.

6. American Pie 

American Pie - Click42

Well, another great comedy twisted film watched by almost every teenager is the American pie. It is similar to superbad but involves a lot of funny sex jokes. It shows how a group of teenagers ready to leave high school is dying to lose their virginity.

The boys in the film show their crazy part by doing things that are hilarious and extremely out of control. The film was a blockbuster and it managed to make quite a lot of memes on the basis of sexy jokes it had in the film. So it is also a superbad like movie.

7. 21 Jump Street 

21 Jump Street - Click42

The all-rounder and one of the best movies ever made was 21 jump streets because its plot and the cast included were A-one. The film received many great reviews after its release. It shows how two cops entered high school as teenagers to know how a drug had been spread inside the whole school and who is the main cause behind it.

The film is a super mad plus crazy drama and it was loved by thousands of people around the world. It also managed to stay number 1 on the chart as well. 


Q1. What should I watch if I like superbad?

Superbad is a fantastic comedy film with no sequel but there are plenty of films that are similar to superbad and one must watch it if they are craving for tickles and laughter. You can watch blockers, 21 jump street or everybody wants some to enjoy an evening full of laughter.

Q2. Is Superbad the best movie?

Yes it is one of the most watched comedy movies. It received a lot of great reviews after its release and people watched it many times. You can also watch 21 jump street as well. 

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