Donnie Darko is mind-playing and one of the best psychological thrillers one could watch. The movie was loved by thousands of people because it had an astonishingly smart plot. The psychological thriller was directed by James Richard. The movie involves a teenage boy who is greatly spoiled but goes through a horrible accident that makes his life upside down. Though he remained safe and unharmed during the accident he encountered many horrific nightmares that confused him. He often dreams of an imaginary boy FRANK who wears a rabbit costume and forces the teenage boy to do evil bidding. He encourages the boy to do heinous acts of murder. Everything seems confusing to the boy and he gets confused.

Movie release– January 19th, 2001

Directed by– James Richard

Music by– Michael Andrews

Cast involved- Jake, Maggie and drew Barrymore

Movies like Donnie Darko

You might find many movies similar to Donnie darko which will fulfill your thirst to watch psychological terror and movies.

1. The Butterfly Effect 

The movie was released in 2004 and it was directed by Eric and starred Ashton in this mind-twisting movie. The movie involves a boy who wants to travel back in time and wants to sort out the entire childhood trauma he had faced in his past. The movie is a nerve wrecking film. And gained a lot of positive feedback.

2. Vanilla Sky 

Lovers of Tom Cruise are surely going to love this movie which has many similarities to Donnie darko. The film features Tom Cruise as a young and handsome boy who has everything. He is handsome with all money and a great womanizer but one day he encounters a horrible accident due to which he loses everything, especially good looks and all the fame he had achieved in his life.

3. 12 Monkeys 

Another outstanding film with plot-twisting features is 12 monkeys and it is pretty similar to Donnie darko. It is dark and full of supernatural features. The movie involves a guy who has committed many crimes and currently he is living in 2023.

He along with one of his friends travels back in time to determine the cause behind the eradication of two-third of human nature in the world.

They go through numerous deadly encounters and recognize that there are supernatural powers occupying the Earth premises and killing every alive person on the planet Earth. Movie is a must watch and has achieved many awards.

4. Mullholand Dr.

This is a classic horror. The movie involves Naomi Watts in the film. It involves Naomi as an emerging and inspiring actress who meets a girl named Rita who is suffering from amnesia.

Both become great friends and soon Rita comes across the horrible scenes she has encountered during and before the amnesia phase.

The film shows how amnesia has overpowered the lives of people suffering from and how they all can be treated to become normal humans. The movie gained a lot of positive feedback and it was loved by everyone.  

5. The Sixth Sense 

Another outstanding movie that has`managed to leave its mark till now is the sixth sense. The movie involves a boy who is a complete loner and can communicate with departed souls.

A complete loner meets the dr in school who is a psychiatrist. The Dr. tries his best to understand his clients mind and soon discover they both share a common goal which they had to overcome.

This film has bragged many awards and it is pretty common to the film Donnie darko. You can watch all the above films to enjoy your taste of the darker side.

6. Inception 

We all know and have watched Inception because the cast of the film involves Leonardo Dicaprio. The movie involves a bunch of scientists who enter into people’s minds and determine their games and thinking. 

They soon are given a task to enter into the mind of a folk who is a member of intelligence. They are supposed to know the secretive details occurring behind their back. But after they enter into the brain there are dark demons who are crossing their paths. 

The Movie is nerve-wracking and gained a lot of love and awards as well. Thus it is a superb movie to watch. 

7. Requiem for a Dream

Another outstanding film with a great plot is a requiem for a film. A little different from the rest because it involves a group of people who all suffer from loss of mind and track and their inner demons are getting a hold of them.

Q1. What should I watch if I like Donnie Darko?

The above list is all similar to Donnie darko. The films like Donnie darko that you might enjoy are butterfly effect or you can watch the all-famous inception to enjoy and get the feels.

Q2. Is Donnie Darko a good movie to watch?

Of course, it is indeed a great movie to watch. The film had a lot of audiences and was nominated too. It has a good plot with a twist ending. So it is a must watch with family or friends at night.

Q3. What does Donnie darko suffer from?

Donnie Darko involves a boy who was in a horrible accident. He started to dream of a rabbit boy who urges him to do nasty stuff. Things become so bad that he forgets what is real or imaginary.

Q4. What should I watch if I like American psycho?

The film is also dark and nasty. You can watch Donnie Darko instead because it is a nerve-wracking film that plays well with your mind and urges you to watch many other films like Donnie darko. The above list is sufficient to let you enjoy your night with horrifying films.

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