It seems that more and more companies pay attention to local SEO every day. Thanks to them, it became one of the hottest topics in the world of digital marketing. But why are everyone so obsessed with it, and why is Google Maps marketing so important for your local business? Well, to put it simply, because it works.

You see, if your company relies on the local consumer base, you can’t do without local SEO. It will bring more people that live in the area to your site and help you increase your leads and conversion. And as you can assume, Google Maps marketing is one of the most powerful techniques you can use to improve it.

Now, don’t think of Google Maps as an app that only shows you where you should go. It is, in fact, much more than that. It’s a platform packed with tools and features that people use, and they use them a lot. Hence, to get closer to them, your business should use it as well. Let’s take a look and see how exactly you can benefit from it.

Why Should You Want Your Business on Google Maps?

We all know that this app is the most popular navigation tool out there. However, most people don’t know just how many users it has. As it turns out, almost 70% of the people who use online navigation tools use this app for the job. So, Google essentially holds two-thirds of the market by itself, and this is a lot of traffic that could be going towards your site.

When you look at it like that, it’s easy to understand why digital marketing agencies like Movers Development think of Google Maps as a vital tool to improve the local SEO of their clients. Millions of people use it each day to find a way to local businesses, attractions, and personal addresses. Why wouldn’t they use it to find your company?

And an even more important thing is that they use it on their mobile devices, so they take it wherever they go. If you do a great job with optimization, your business will pop out to people who are only visiting or passing through your town. But besides the fact that your online presence will be boosted, you’ll also come off as an authority figure in your industry. Your office will become a go-to place for anyone looking for what you offer. And isn’t that what you wanted from the start?

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The Best Google Maps Marketing Strategies You Can Use

The term Google Maps marketing might sound scary if you don’t know anything about it, but it really isn’t. In essence, it’s just a set of practices and methods of using the app to make your business easier to find.

Let’s say you have a shop that sells tires. The goal here is that when people search for the ”best tire shop near me”, your company pops up as the first on the list. Follow the steps, and you’ll appear first on Google without having to pay for anything. It’s a good deal for anyone if you ask us.

Now, you know why is Google Maps marketing so important for your local business. So, it’s time to talk about some tactics you should use to grow your chances.

Include Your Address

If you’re going to market your business on Google Maps, you can’t leave the address field blank. It’s the most significant element of your strategy, and it must be correct. Make sure to be as precise as possible, and include your P.O. box, physical address, and apartment number if it’s needed.

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Make sure that your address is correct and precise. Alt tag: An address printed on an envelope.

Spend Time Getting Good Citations

Citations are any mentions of your business online that have your NAP (Name, Address, and Phone number) inside of them. They all come from 3rd party sites, directories, and review platforms. The more of them you have, the more relevant you’ll be in the eyes of the search engine. But for this tactic to work, they all must be the same. If you get only one letter wrong or write it in a different style, Google won’t take it as valid.

Use Google My Business

You must fill out your profile on Google My Business to get the full benefits of Google Maps marketing. Naturally, all Google services are connected, so it makes sense that GMB has a great impact on your position in Maps. Be sure not to forget to add any relevant info, and you’ll be fine.

On-Page Optimization

You can’t expect Google to send users to your site if it isn’t well optimized. So, the address, contact info, and opening hours must be the same as you entered them in your GMB profile. If you can, add an embedded Google Map that shows your exact location. It’s a nice bonus that the algorithm will appreciate.

Ask Your Customers to Write Reviews

Depending on what you do, getting Google Maps reviews might be tricky for your company. However, one thing you can always do is ask your customers to do it. If you can offer incentives in return for reviews, that’s a smart thing to do. And these could be anything really, so feel free to use your imagination. On the other hand, we’ll still give you a few ideas about what you can offer to help you stay on the right track, so here they are:

  • Special offers
  • Straight up discounts
  • Review up cards
  • Weekly or monthly prizes

If they’re pleased with the service, most customers will be happy to leave a review. You won’t even have to convince them to do it. And since we all know about the importance of customer reviews, you should take every chance you have to get them.

The easiest way to get reviews is to ask for them. Alt tag: A man reading about why is Google Maps marketing so important for your local business.


If your business depends on local customers, you’ll need to have a good local SEO score to stay afloat. And as we explained, Google Maps have plenty of ways to help with that. Do the things right, and not only you’ll make yourself an industry leader, but you’ll also get more people through your doors. And the best thing of all is that this tactic works in the long run. It’s not a one-hit-wonder that will make you a star for a day. On the contrary, it will make your business a star for as long as you keep working on it.

And there you have it. That’s why is Google Maps marketing so important for your local business. You’ll get a chance to grow faster, and that’s what matters the most.