Whisper is more of a private or anonymous mobile application App used by thousands of people around the globe. Whisper allows the user to hide their identity and share their thoughts, imagination, and content without being exposed. One of the most splendid features of the whisper is that it allows a private chat option where people or groups can talk in privacy without knowing each other. There are many alternative apps like whispers. Let’s have a look at it all.

List of Top Apps Like Whisper

After School
Yik Yak


Shush is similar to whisper. It is a mobile application that allows thousands of users to share and talk about the most intense topics around the world without giving any hint about each other’s identity.


You can comment in private or openly on other folk’s contents. It is indeed a free app and one of the most secure mobile applications with hardly any cookies to disturb the process. The age group that is allowed to use the app must be above 14 to 15 years of age. So a person who wants to share their opinions and imagination can freely make use of this app called shush.

Pros Of SHUSH 

  • A private app where you can hide the identity
  • Share your opinions freely

Cons of SHUSH 

  • The app can be addictive

2. NoName 

NoName is another superb alternative that can be used in case you don’t have a whisper in your area.


With NoName, you can yet again hide your identity and like and post freely. With such an app there is no particular requirement to give your name, address, or phone number even to the mobile application.

Simply download the app and start using it without any hassle. Without disclosing anything about yourself you can share pictures, images, gifs, and emoji with other anonymous people and enjoy your life to the fullest.

Pros Of Noname

  • An anonymous app where you can share stuff privately
  • Share images and emojis

Cons of Noname

  • Not secure to use

3. Spout

The spout is another free-to-use mobile application app that allows features similar to the above-mentioned. 


The spout is more of a location-based app where users all over the world get the chance to know details about each other and share their feelings and personal stuff and get original advice from other people but without disclosing each other’s identity.

You can use the app at home or school or office. The app can be used anywhere and everywhere globally. And not to forget it is indeed a safe app option to use for fun.

Pros Of Spout

  • You can share your feelings easily
  • The app is anonymous

Cons of Spout 

  • Location based app

4. Sarahah

Sarahah was launched back in the year 2016 and has managed to gather many fans around since people from all over are making use of the app easily and readily.


The app is like a feedback app that allows the user to hide their identity and texts, other people, to know more about themselves. The App lets the users know their strengths and weaknesses.

You can receive positive feedback from other anonymous users and after knowing your strengths and weaknesses you can work on them to improve your personality. This app is also free to use and can be opted for globally.

Pros Of Sarahah

  • An anonymous app where you can share feelings and texts
  • Can receive feedback from others

Cons of Sarahah

  • Not a secure app

5. Honestly 

about yourself especially from friends and family.


Honesty app provides a wide range of questions that can be unlocked by the users and the person using it can ask several questions that can help them know honest reviews about themselves. You can use it via Facebook or directly.

Pros Of Honestly

  • You can receive honest reviews secretively from friends and family
  • Easily downloaded

Cons of Honestly

  • Not a safe app to use

6. Jodel 

The app was launched by jodel venture. The app is like an intercity app that allows the user to get to know many people and friends in the area surrounding them.


You can get to know details about the recent happenings around the area you are living in. The app is free to use and lets you know everything about the people who are living close to or near you.

Pros Of Jodel

  • Anonymous app giving details about the area living in
  • Easily downloaded

Cons of Jodel

  • Not used worldwide
  • Location based

7. After School  

As the name suggests, with the help of this app you can share your reviews and feelings regarding your school and the people who are studying with you.


The app is private and you can post all your stuff anonymously. You can talk about cyberbullying or other romantic topics related to your school. You can share your feelings for someone without disclosing your identity. Simply download the app and start using it without much of a problem.

Pros Of After school

  • Share posts and sensitive topics without disclosing identity

Cons of After school

  • Not safe to use

8. YOLO  

Another interesting and fun-loving app used by teenagers mostly is YOLO.


With this app, you can start a question and answer-based chat where you and your friends can write genuine stuff about each other. The app is safe to use and requires no registration, just simply download it and start using it. The greatest feature of the app is that you can select or make custom stickers from the app library and enjoy them.

Pros Of YOLO

  • Anonymous app with question based scenario

Cons of YOLO

  • Not safe to use

9. Yik Yak   

Yik yak is another interesting app like Sarahah. The app is free to use and you can post stuff by hiding your identity as well.


The basic feature of yik yak is to share conversation threads within a 6 to 8km radius. You can easily and freely download the app and use it. You can post pictures and write content and vote for each other through the app.

Pros Of Yik Yak 

  • Share threads within 6 to 8 km radius

Cons of Yik Yak 

  • Not safe to use

10. Sayat   

Sayat is yet another anonymous app that can help you share your opinions and feelings with other people.


With Sayat you can talk about everything and anything. You can chat and comment on other posts without disclosing yourself. It is safe to use and no registration is needed for using it.

Pros Of Sayat

  • You can chat for hours with anonymous people

Cons of Sayat

  • Not secure app

11. Candid

If you want to share your deep feelings with anonymous people you can use Candid.


The App candid allows people with negative thinkers, jobless, or divorcees to share their personal experiences and obtain sincere and genuine advice. The app can be downloaded by giving an email address and sharing via the Facebook app.

Pros Of Candid

  • Anonymous app to share dark and emotional stuff

Cons of Candid

  • Need to give email address or use through facebook

12. Swiflie 

Swiflie is another anonymous app. The app is temporary and everything you share is removed after a while.


Swiflie is a temporary app where you can post stuff and content without a problem and the good news is that all can be removed at once and after some time. You can give suggestions and give opinions to one another.

Pros Of Swiflie

  • You can anonymously receive and give suggestions

Cons of Swiflie

  • Posts are removed after a while

13. Vent 

This is an addictive app where you can share stuff secretly and without disclosing your identity.


The vent is a secretive app where you can share private stuff and without anyone knowing anything about each other. The app is safe to use and you can download it easily without any hassle.

Pros Of Vent

  • Secretive app to share content and feelings

Cons of Vent

  • Not used very commonly

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