We must be grateful for the inventions that are made in technology now and then. Such inventions have made our lives much easier and also saved us a lot of cash especially when it comes to media entertainment. There are certainly many TV apps that allow us the pleasure to explore and see thousands of channels at zero cost. And one such example is the USA’s all-time famous app the Pluto TV and we all are well aware of its capability. However, there are many apps like Pluto TV that one way or the other offers the same as Pluto TV.
In this article, we are going to look into other apps like Pluto TV. Let’s get started.

Alternatives Apps to Pluto TV

 1. Tubi TV2. Crackle3. Xumo TV 4. Hoopla 5. Kanopy6. The Roku channel7. Stirr 

1. Tubi TV

One of the greatest alternatives to Pluto TV is Tubi TV. The App is free of cost and it provides the privilege to offer you more than 20,000 movies plus TV shows or seasons of all genres.

Features of Tubi TV:

  • It is free of cost and it provides its ultimate free subscription and services via paid ads
  • It is available legally all over the world
  • Associated with big names such as Warner Brothers and Lions gates.

Pros Of Tubi TV

  • Tube app is free of costs
  • Legally available all around the world

Cons of Tubi TV

  • There is no original content available so far
  • There is no way to expect commercial breaks

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2. Crackle

If you are a die heart fan of Sony pictures then you are going to love Crackle as well. It can offer you a wide range of TV shows involving all comedy, horror or thriller. 


  • Its huge library station is associated with AXN and Sony pictures of course. 
  • It has a partnership with big names in the industry such as universal studios and Funimax as well. 
  • Crackle is available in only 21 countries.
  • It is also available in English, Portuguese and Spanish language to help people watch it easily. 
  • Offers a wide variety of TV shows and you can avail the free service through Sony PlayStation consoles or Samsung based smart TV.

Pros Of Crackle

  • It is a free App
  • There is a good collection of on-demand content

Cons of Crackle

  • Numerous ads run before the content is visible
    There are no live streaming tv shows breaks

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3. Xumo TV 

A newer alternative to Pluto TV is the Xumo TV. Though it is new still it has attracted over 10 million people towards itself. 


  • This rather new app has over 190 solid channels that allow the user to see its most favorite channels or shows in one easy go. 
  • The app has grabbed many new customers and the number is increasing day by day. 
  • The Xumo app is available in Brazil and North America. 
  • You can gain insight into it through your desktop and smartphones that are linked to the internet. 
  • Xumo is also a free ad service or app

Pros Of Xumo TV

  • Free app to be used
  • You can watch live and on-demand shows

Cons of Xumo TV

  • Short content is seen over some channels
  • There is no option to pause or rewind channels

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4. Hoopla 

Hoopla is more of an Ohio-based TV app like Pluto. It provides great content and has a diverse library in the form of great TV shows, audiobooks, or e-books available for the viewer’s residing in Canada and the USA.


  • A diversified library with over 500,000 content and TV titles to offer.
  • The app has a great content partnership with Blackstone audio and HarperCollins 
  • When it comes to entertainment it is associated with Warner Brothers and Disney and of course Lionsgate
  • You can gain access to the app through your IOS and ANDROID

Pros Of Hoopla

  • A diversified library with 500,000 titles to offer
  • It offers great device compatibility

Cons of Hoopla

  • Some troubleshooting app experience noted
  • You need a compatibility library card

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5. Kanopy

Kanopy is a great alternative TV App for students who are busy with research work and studies. The Kanopy app is more of a child-friendly app and offers information-based content. 


  • More child-friendly and informative app
  • It offers free access to use to the folks or students who have a library card which is partnered with institutions in which they are studying.
  • The app is available in 4000 libraries including Canada, the Uk, Australia, and of course the USA

Pros Of Hoopla

  • The app is free to use
  • Free of ads experience

Cons of Hoopla

  • The institutions and libraries have to pay for the app
  • Not much entertainment provided

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6. The Roku channel

The Roke channel was launched in the year 2017 thereby considered a highly new App for the users. The app can be accessed through the devices that are strongly linked with Roku or you can pursue the Roku app. 


  • Considered as the youngest app with great diversity 
  • Has partnership with big names such as Lionsgate, Disney, and Sony Pictures.
  • To run free the app works over many advertisements 
  • Currently, the Roku app is accessible in only the USA and UK and if you want to access subscriptions of it then it offers this option only in the United States right now and nowhere else.

Pros Of The Roku channel

  • The app is affordable
  • Easy to use and set up

Cons of The Roku channel

  • Only provisions HDR-10
  • There is no voice control

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7. Stirr

Stirr is gaining popularity nowadays because it is launched by the Sinclair Broadcast group so that’s a clue that many exciting shows are awaiting. 


  • The app is free of ads.
  • You can view Stirr if you have access to the Sinclair TV channel
  • You can gain entry to both live and on-demand channels 
  • Through the use of Stirr, you can look into the current news going on and if you want to entertain yourself there are an entertaining channel to click on to
  • People living in the USA can gain access to the stir app

Pros Of Stirr

  • Gives local news
  • Provides 120 plus channels

Cons of Stirr

  • You can expect GEO-blocking
  • A lot of ads are expected

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