I am sitting in front of my laptop and in the past half an hour, I have around 5 deals down. If you hold back and look at the fast running world, you’ll see so much has changed since our childhood. Back then, traders used to make well-planned trips to business centres and stock exchanges and now the major activity is obsolete. No one ever wants unnecessary struggle. This is one of the many reasons why people have massively adopted the trend of joining forex firms.

The internet lets you see people thousands of miles away in a few clicks so could anything stop you from revolutionizing the trading profession. Definitely, no. The way forex firms have made it into every trader’s phones and laptops is beyond just amazing. I myself am not a pro-technology but forex firms hold the power to make your lives very easy. This is why I had to consider the option to opt for one of these firms.

I acknowledge this is a very hard decision, not because there were a lot of technical things to consider only, in fact, I had to be very cautious if I was being tricked. You shout start and I’ll name ten people that were scammed at hands of these unreliable firms in the period of last month. These firms have met a boom because of the habit of young researchers to keep looking for shortcuts. Always remember that when you make important decisions, research has to be one thing you cannot afford to miss. If you develop this habit, you are bound to be at the winning end.

It is okay if you have not been researching till now. I signed up for a firm because I liked the website theme. When you are new, you can be trapped easily so don’t worry. I am here to guide you all through the process of making the right choice. Because only an old trader can tell you how imperative it is for you all to know the facts yourself before heading anywhere.

Green Tower Investments Review 2021

Well, I got to know about the broker Green Tower Investments through a friend. He said I cannot figure out why you keep losing assets so often. Have you never heard of the broker Green Tower Investments? The disappointed me told him they are all fraud but the way he gave me an account of all the good he got from here, I was impressed. This was when I was ready to see if the firm could serve my trading needs well. I went back to my home and did my part of the research. I think it took me around 2 weeks to convince myself that this broker was worth the shot. Well, I opened the web portal and I was ready to join it now. I will give you my side of opinion in the most honest manner so that I can help out those of you who have been struggling with this lately. But I would like to mention that my word is not the binding of the final word. I hope that my broker suits you but if there’s someone who can be sure of it, it’s you. So are you ready to jump into the Green Tower Investments goodness with me?

The Theme

Whatever website you open, the first thing that meets your eyes is the adopted theme and colour scheme. It might not be as relevant for other websites as it is for a forex firm. This is because traders need to perform all the trading operations here hence it has to be aesthetically pleasing.  When I first opened the website, I loved the theme and the colour scheme. It was very pleasing to the eyes and attractive. The yellow and the green colour is just the right way. Most brokers online have a very dark backdrop. I don’t say that everyone hates it, but at least I do not like it. Too much or darkness makes it hard for me to perform the trading operations with that much ease. Here at Green Tower Investments, the backdrop is kept light which is commendable. Many people like it the other way so the company should consider adding an option which lets you pick your favourite one. The highlighted options such as opening an account make the web page very beginner-friendly. The font’s colour and style make it easily readable.

The Theme - Green Tower Investments Review 2021

Apart from the theme, the user interface of the web portal is also great. You will never feel the need for any video tutorials or tips. This is because the designers have adopted an approach of simplicity. Even if you are a new user, you will never feel confused or stuck because the website is not only easy to navigate but also self-explanatory. Most of the important options such as opening an account are placed near the front so you don’t have to keep fumbling around on the website. The website is also free of clutter which makes the process of using it even pleasant.

Registration and Account

Next comes the process of registration. I expect most of you are new or have no experience with the broker so I find it important to tell you if the registration process is easy or not. Yes, it is a very easy and simple process. You’ll see the open an account option at the top, you hit it and it will take you to a new page that has a small form that you are supposed to fill up. It asked for basic information like your name, and email. The provided information will be verified and in the meanwhile, you are expected to go through the terms and conditions. This is to ensure that you have an idea of how your platform will operate.

Once all of this is done you have registered. You also have to pick an account for yourself. The choices are based on your trading needs and wants. Always remember you do not need to sign up for a very complex or a higher account. Neither should you go for a very basic one unless you are new to the trading profession. Going to the accounts page will give you thorough information of all of these accounts’ specs and then you can pick whichever suits your needs. Anytime you feel like you need to upgrade your account because your business requires more now, you can do that easily.


Brokers like Green Tower Investments have a very large clientele. The users come from different regions of the world and hence the adopted language is English. But it is expected from such brokers that the website is made available in the maximum possible languages. Although English is widely understood, this improvement will make the working experience even better.

Language - Green Tower Investments Review 2021

Many brokers online have a date and time bar at the top. This bar helps the trader keep a track of date and time before making deals. Rates keep varying with time so it is always a great idea to keep it under consideration. Unfortunately, this isn’t found on the webpage. I would love to see the update one day.

Ease of Access

Like you, all must have understood by now that the broker tries to facilitate the users a lot. This is reflected by the fact that the website is easily accessible through your internet browser. You need to install anything on the laptop. The multiple-device-supporting portal can be accessed from a mobile phone app. All of these are equally user friendly and efficient. If you have an electronic device, which is connected to the internet you can make use of the website anywhere and anytime.

Order Execution Speed

If you do a good amount of research before making decisions but your broker does not have a very good order execution speed then it is eminent that your effort will go down the drain. Because one moment the stocks position is at your side and then the next moment it is not. So, it is imperative that the broker has high-efficiency computers which do not cause any delay in the order execution. This is one thing I love about Green Tower Investments. They have employed high power systems and software which ensures that your deal is done the moment you hit the buy or sell button.

The Takeaway

Let me make it clear that the firm Green Tower Investments has been great for me so far but this does not mean in any way that you will have a similar experience. Although the firm is successfully serving traders with varying needs still you should check if it holds the potential to serve you. I am a fan of the optimal trading environment provided here because of the way it has helped me improve as a trader all these years. I am so happy I found this broker and I conclude the review with the hope that you also find your trustworthy partner soon.

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.

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