I see him signing cheques and making huge deals in no time and I feel so blessed about it. I see him sitting in his comfortable bed and using a stock exchange that lies at his fingertips. All this ease makes me remember a time when I was new to the trading world. I remember how we all used to plan out a day for a stock exchange visit and that day used to be one of the most exhausting days of the week. Initially, I was very excited but as time went by and I saw how messy it can be, I kept losing interest.

There is no way I compare our time to the time my son is working in. He barely gets out of his bed and a deal worth millions is done. I don’t wish to imply that his decisions are any less thoughtful. I just mean that the way things have come out to be so easy and fast amazes me. I cannot imagine going to the supermarket and coming back home with stocks bought. Well, the internet has brought revolutionary changes in our lives for food but this good has a lot of bad hidden. This bad is also termed as danger. We cannot deny the convenience which came in the internet’s luggage but the same way we cannot close our eyes towards the associated scams and frauds.

Trade the Bit Review 2021

When I was working and my son was joining us as a trader, I could see things change. Back then, things were not the way they happen to be today. One such example was an online brokerage firm. As soon as an interest of people was seen towards these firms, an influx of such platforms was observed. People started blindly signing up for these and as predicted, soon came the news of these people falling into traps laid by imposters. I was not completely safe but you can say fairly safe. This is because I joined one firm which was highly unsatisfying so I left in time. A few weeks later I heard my fellow traders lost huge sums because of a cyber attack which led to the company losing its clientele.

So, I was quick to adopt research as my first approach. I ensured inculcating this into my son and this is the only reason why he has never been exploited at the hands of these tricksters. I am here in an attempt to tell you all that you can also find yourself safe from them if you strictly adhere to the principle of taking the lead for research.

So, I am to date a satisfied customer of Trade The Bit and so is my son. Both of us are making use of all the good for years now. Although there are times when we feel like the site needs to work on a few features immediately but that will happen no matter which firm you sign up for. Let me tell you what makes me and my son stick to this forum for this long now.

Interactive and Engaging

If you feel like this is not a good point, to begin with, then trust me you’re mistaken. A long partnership lies on the foundation of an optimal trading environment. This environment is a lot about security and reliability but not entirely. You need to look into a billion other things which might end up hurting you if ignored. So, I like how the website has been made so catchy and engaging. Particularly the yellow graphics are spot on. The flashing stocks bar and the attractive font colours and colours are not only helpful for naive but also for old traders who have a hard time concentrating on their monotonous job. It would have been even great if the company did not add a dark background. I know it looks great initially but when you get into processes like charting then it can be hard. Apart from that, I know some people who do not like the yellow colour so maybe a customized theme option can help us all out.

Tools and Instruments

This is another element that has been emphasized enough by the company. The professional and fast tools are highly customizable and this is what keeps making people a fan of Trade the Bit. From picking different chart intervals to stocks bar everything is in line with the evolving needs of the traders. Date and time bar, market review and trade room analysis, all of these are a huge reason behind the increasing thoughtfulness which is reflected through the decisions made by traders on Trade The Bit. Although these features are divided into accounts for varying needs of traders but if they are imperative for your business needs then you can get hold of them surely. If you feel like you need help with these then you can refer to the company’s customer support.

Tools and Instruments - Trade the Bit Review 2021

Customer Support

Here comes another feature of the forum that makes me think this good about it. No matter how many years you’ve spent in the field, you’ll always feel the need for a well-developed customer aid department. And when someone helps you out in the need of time then they are bound to enter into your good books. There are many ways you can get in contact with the trained professionals such as through email, call, chat etc. All of these are more or less equally helpful and responsive but there is a point that I’d like to point out. Customers of the forum are from different parts of the world and have different time zones. It becomes hard for them to get in touch while the limited hours operation goes on. It would be great if these hours are maximized and we can use this service on weekends too.

Customer Support - Trade the Bit Review 2021

Account Selection

I can recall, once I wanted to get my account upgraded and I could not figure out how. So I rang the department and soon a lad helped me reach my new account with enhanced and improved features. The forum offers multiple accounts in an attempt to serve the varying needs of all the traders. You can pick one wisely if you have a clear idea of what your business demands. The most basic account is for young traders and they are required to pay the least amount of initial deposit. Wouldn’t it be great if the platform lets the newbies trade for free to develop a connection with the profession? I know the features offered here are with the payment but it would be great if this suggestion is taken into account.

Account Selection - Trade the Bit Review 2021

Ease of Access

Even if a platform is very well developed but it becomes hard for traders to get along with it if it does not support multiple electronic devices. You can imagine how hard it is to carry your laptop to all the places that you go to. Like a vacation trip, or a picnic. Carrying a phone is a great option. But for that, it is mandatory that the phone version of the website works equally well. And this is what the case is with Trade The Bit. The phone and the web version have the same specs so you need not worry about missing the laptop perks. The user interface is also great.


This is another area that marks me as a rather satisfied customer. Had the education department been a little less developed, we all would be missing the valuable information presented to us in the form of ebook, Glossary, FAQ, and Asset Index. All of this has been arranged in a time and effort saving manner which makes it commendable. You need not fumble through the section, instead just go to the corresponding alphabet and there to go. As for the FAQs they are also grouped for your easy navigation. eBooks are for both the advanced and the beginner level traders. Old traders can revise the basics while new ones can learn complex concepts. What I love about this section is that these e-books are for free. You can have a read even if you haven’t signed up. A small synopsis at the bottom helps save time.

But there are a couple of things that I would like to point out. Firstly the section isn’t updated often. Also, there is no email or indicator to convey that new information has been added. And there should be a recommendation section to add up stuff that the traders would like to go through.

The Concluding Remarks

For me the platform is great and the way it provided me with a lot of services in such a small sum of money is something I love. The optimal trading environment that I get here is something any trader would love to have. I hope you find your long term forex partner soon but you’re only advised to stay cautious and always keep watching out for scammers. Good luck from my side!

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.