There are many diverse Cryptocurrencies and nearly a wide range of platforms to get them. These spots are known as exchanges. Selling and purchasing cryptocurrency by means of exchange is turning out to be a large business these days. I found an exchanging platform with which I have been associated for some time called, KeepABit. In this KeepABit exchange platform review, I will disclose to you all you require to know about this platform. I’m in any event, going to reveal to you some stuff you may not know about his exchanging platform, to give you an idea about what they have to offer!

Let’s Start

So, I found lots of things that were according to my requirement while browsing the platform which made it easier for me to choose this platform. I will go through the exchanging platform’s privacy, limits, speed, reputation, and some of the other features that I liked. Finding a cryptocurrency exchange platform is tough but when I knew what to look for, I was able to settle on KeepABit. Through this review, you will learn about the exchange platform as well as how to choose a certain platform where you can jump-start your exchanging venture.

User Interface

The first and apparent thing that anyone including myself notices on an exchanging platform is the user interface. It needs to be friendly and that is the vibe I got from the main page. I found everything that I needed on the first page. The platform isn’t as complicated as I found some other exchanging platform to be. Any new dealer can easily navigate their way through a quick and simple exchanging deal. The way that I comprehend the interface of this platform is by how they tried to make it hassle-free.

These days it is important to make a user-friendly database because people don’t have the time to fully explore and or read everyone’s single word. I was looking for an exchanging platform that took the least time to make my exchanges. KeepABit has done a great job keeping this platform easy to navigate in that sense. It only takes me a few minutes to complete the exchange and be done with it. But for a platform to be quick and efficient, it requires good security measures, so the dealer does not have to worry about it. I will discuss the security measures taken by this platform below.

I have to say since now I know what this platform has to offer, I would say I was very lucky to have gotten the chance to be acquainted with the platform. As for a new dealer, I did not know much. Now I can list down why this platform is good for beginners in exchanging.

  • It has a friendly user interface that is easy to navigate for all kinds of dealers.
  • The verification process kept me safe in my initial days of exchanging so a beginner can benefit from this feature.
  • It is a regulated exchanging platform.
  • It has excellent contact services so whenever I wanted assistance, I had the representatives readily available to help me in any situation or time.


I find the strength of this platform to be insecurity. Since I have become a member, I have not experienced any hacks or major breaches that would make me want to rethink my choice of this exchanging platform. All my withdrawals are always processed by hand once a day for an added layer of security. There is a certain database and toolset that is used in this platform which is also used by high frequency exchanging applications. While exchanging I found the engine to have unprecedented speed and dependability, something which is a noteworthy aspect in contrast to other lesser refined platforms.

Since security is important to the exchanging platform, they sometimes want to make sure the identity of the user by asking for their ID or uploading a picture. This proves to them that no one is breaching their security protocols when large transactions are occurring. When I made a large withdrawal, I was asked to provide my ID, the whole security process was completed fairly sooner than I hoped, and it showed me how efficient the exchanger is. So, I guess speed and security are another added benefit while exchanging with this platform.


Security - KeepABit Reviews - Click42

KeepABit requires extensive verification which can include any of the following information for you to provide them,

  •                 Date of Birth
  •                 ID number or scanned copy of the document
  •                 Country of residence
  •                 Full Name
  •                 Address verification
  •                 Phone Number

Verification does not take long to be processed and I did not feel like they were delaying me in my exchanging procedure. It just felt like I was being protected and the platform was active about keeping me and funds safe. Now I realize how important these factors are and I truly cherish them on this platform. Some new dealers may not release the benefit of this added verification method but the experienced dealers in my opinion will very well appreciate this added measure of security on their account.


Prior to becoming a member, I was looking for an exchanging platform that could let me buy a large amount and that could support my order additionally I did not want any limits on my withdrawal because to me that can be annoying but what I noticed with KeepABit was that my requirement was being met with them very seamlessly. I was very well able to make large orders which I couldn’t on other platforms and on top of that I had the option of taking out bigger withdrawals. That just added to the ease of exchanging with this platform. So, when I am exchanging, I don’t have to worry about the limitations placed on a certain option and I just go ahead place my order of however bigger amount I want and make my withdrawal any time.


The most endearing part of this exchanging experience for me has been the instant delivery of coins. It is to be noted that most problems with speed are linked with the legacy banking system and not the cryptocurrency. My Credit buys were always instant. Sometimes the bank wire took a little time, but I never faced any major problem with it. I find it safe to just simply wire transfer my funds and so far with my experience the process has been without a hitch. What actually surprised me on this platform are the low fees and the liquidity. I researched this fact about KeeABit and apparently, they have the lowest fees among the exchanges. And it has the most liquidity of any exchanging center, too. I was able to get in and get out of the digital currency quickly at very amazing prices.


The exchanging platform of KeepABit is often regulated and I like that it is always maintained and organized according to the advanced changes in the market. I knew that many exchanging platforms have been scams in the past due to the popularity of cryptocurrency; it only accelerated. So, I wanted to do complete research into the platform I was going to be a long-term member of or before I decided to deposit my money with them. KeepABit has been wonderful to me. I got that the platform was reliable once I went through their security measures and how direct the platform was. What convinced me more was the speed of exchanges and my withdrawal speed. So, overall, I found very quick this platform to be my long-term go-to exchanging platform.

Customer Support

The exchanging platform needs to have a customer support system that includes having professional and educated representatives who can handle the client with genuine solutions. When I ever contacted the client service for me they were available at all times. It didn’t matter which time zone; they were ready to help me with my issues. And I got reasonable service from them.

They have options like email, call, and live chat. Out of them, I prefer the live chat since we all know it’s the most practical and the quickest of the three options. Well, the phone call option is also quick, but I hesitate when I am talking on the phone with someone, so live chat best suited me.

They may take time to pick up the call because so many people are trying to get to them, but they always make sure to get back to you. While using their contact services I truly got to know that all the staff members on this platform are educated and know what they offer to the clients. It shows that the exchanging platform is not just automated, but it has people who are regulating it 24/7.

Last Comments

Overall, my   long experience on this exchanging platform has been great. I cannot stress enough the importance of security how very well KeepABit has managed it. I feel confident in my exchanging venture and I plan to remain a client of this platform for the long term.

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