So, a couple of years ago I tried to search for a trading platform that fulfilled some of my specific requirements. I knew what I wanted in a trading platform but when I searched for a platform, I made sure that the platform was able to agree with a list of questions that I had prepared In order to know if the platform was actually too suitable for me and me trading requisites. Through some good reviews, I found the Iron-Bits Forex Trading Platform. Since without reviews I would have not been able to come across this wonderful platform, so I decided it required a complete review from a devoted member.

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Through my review, you will get to know a little about Iron-Bits and how it has been my best trading platform for the last 3 years. So, obviously, as I mentioned before I got to know about the platform through a few good reviews and that is the first telltale sign of a good platform. I didn’t see the negative review and read some of the positive ones where the clients mentioned how they were able to make good profits with the trading platform and this prompted me to check it out and see the services and some other factors that sold me on becoming a member of Iron-Bits.

Online Security and Account Protection

It is important to figure out how a certain broker is able to help protect its clients. With Iron-Bits I saw at the end of their main page about the protection measures that they take on to make sure the clients are safe and happy. The page shows a list of the protocol the platform follows. And each of the security measures is deeply discussed and explained so every single person whether they are a member or just a visitor knows that they are well taken care of. Of these securities measures some are Privacy policy, Bonus policy, Risk disclosure statement, Anti Money laundering, and policies and KYC, and lastly withdrawal, refund, and cancellation policy.

Each of the policies is really important. Some new traders may not comprehend how important they are but a trader like myself who has some experience knows the reality of doing secure trading online. I got to experience their security measure when I made the account and when I made my first withdrawal. Each time I was asked to put in my security code and an email was sent to me confirming my actions on the site and only then they made my account and the withdrawal process.

The withdrawal process though included another extra measure of them asking me to provide my government ID so they could verify my identity and I really appreciated that because knowing your funds are reserved is highly important. Now I can invest a bigger amount on this platform knowing that everything is kept secure.

This brokerage website offered me two-factor authentication. They also had the option of activating a security feature in addition to my password. Some popular options can consist of responding to safety inquiries, getting distinctive, time-sensitive codes via text or email.

Online Security and Account Protection - Iron-Bits Review - Click42

Things I Made Sure Of While Testing Platforms

What types of securities can Iron-Bits give to trade on the platform? I never wanted to take on any platform if they did not have the securities that I preferred. Iron-Bits automatically allowed me to trade preferred shares, IPOs, options, futures, or fixed-income securities, and more. When I didn’t see any particular security on the platform that I wanted, but I knew that the brokerage supported it, I simply tried looking in my account settings or doing a quick search in the asset index in their education center, to see how I could either activate or find that particular security and learn about permission requirements.

Charting Features and Tools

Now that I had played around with the platform a little bit prior to settling on it, I took a look at Iron-Bits charting capabilities and explored the tools that were given to the members according to their account types. Also, through the help of my account manager, Jordan Martyn, I really got to learn the insights of advanced tools. I paid attention to the sort of information I could piece together, it was very easy to switch between market data or charting and reviewing technical studies fundamental on the site, and in the meantime, I was able to customize and save my data for later, as well.

I had complete control over the order timing and execution of my trades. The Iron-Bits platform allowed me to place trades that are good-for-day, implying that I was able to execute them at any time during trading hours. or good-until-canceled, that saves the order for up to 60 days until it is executed or if I wanted to cancel it.

A high-level platform like Iron-Bits permits me to place requests with some greater variability, for example, fill-or-kill, which typically drops the request on the off chance that I didn’t altogether fill it promptly or Immediate or cancel which consequently canceled my request on the off chance that I didn’t fill it immediately.

Iron-Bits platform provides screeners that I can use to customize and find stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, or other securities that meet my specific criteria. Even when I didn’t have any information and didn’t know what to do, I tried to play around with all the different parameters to get an idea of how simple and efficient it is to use the advanced tools on the chart and on my trades to evaluate the profit and risk factors. Iron-Bits is intuitively very organized and easy to operate.

 Other Factors That Iron-Bits Provides

I knew before exploring that some of the options I was looking for would only be offered by professional platforms, but they all are highly costing brokers which I wouldn’t have been able to afford. Since I was an advanced and active trader, I likely wanted a broker that offered all of these options mentioned below. A passive trader like me, or not willing to pay a high premium can pay to try the Silver account type which is the least cost one, and try all the features and services that the platform offers to the trader, sticking to a low basic platform is fine, too.

  • Iron-Bits has the option to automate my trades through customized rules and even imported algorithms.
  • The trading platform is completely customizable to recognize specific chart trends for prices, indicators, and oscillators.
  • I was even able to set up alerts to notify me when the platform finds a matching pattern specific to what I was looking for.

How Does Iron-Bits Educate Its Members?

While a trading platform that is equipped with tools and charts is important, I was also looking for brokerage’s educational offerings and to try out the search function on the platform.

Other Factors That Iron-Bits Provides - Iron-Bits Review - Click42

For new traders it is important that they have the option to search for the new terms, find a representative to advise them, and educational material to teach them how to interpret data. I went through the Market Analysis eBooks which helped me pick up some new terms and strategies to analyze the market and how to keep myself up to date with all the changes happening around me that affect the trades every day. Which in return helped me make better trading decisions that later on profited me a great deal.

If there’s a topic that I had been wondering about or a metric I didn’t completely understand, I simply had to Live Chat the representative using the Live Chat function that is available 24/7 and I always found a solution to my query quickly and efficiently.

Iron-Bits Education Quality and Usability

All the instructive assets on the planet are futile in the event that you can’t get to them without any problem. A decent platform or site like Iron-Bits gives a wide scope of instructive contributions, in various mediums, to ensure clients can rapidly and effectively discover the data they need in an arrangement that works for their learning style. Before I plunge into the particular kinds of instructive resources I anticipate from a decent broker, I initially wanted to ensure that the instructive material was easy to understand.

Iron-Bits educational offerings include eBooks Assets Index, FAQs, and Glossary. The platform mostly offers written format rather than videos. Video format for learning basis I think would have been more engaging instead of the written eBooks, but everyone has their own preferences.

Iron-Bits user-friendly and intuitive site Is very easy to navigate. To get to the education center was only a click away. Similarly, if I ever wanted to contact customer service while I was on the trading platform page of the education center the Live Chat integrated button was always presented on the bottom right side of the screen.

Last Comments

With a wide range of assets available like Crypto, Commodities, Stocks, Forex, and Currency I was convinced that a platform like Iron-Bits uphold the security and quality of services that it provides. What sild I on this platform was its active participation in making sure that the member was happy and educated on all fronts.

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