Launched in October 2104, the Apple iPad Air 2 features Touch ID, 64-bit A8X processor with M8 motion coprocessor, 8 MP rear camera, and Apple Pay. The iPad Air 2 comes in two models – A1566 (Wi-Fi model) and A1567 (cellular model).  

The front screen is held to the case with an adhesive that can be opened if your iPad Air 2 screen needs a replacement. Performing an iPad Air 2 screen replacement is relatively easy for individuals with gadget repair knowledge. 

Before I throw more light on the Apple iPad Air 2 screen replacement process, let’s look at the service options.  

Ipad Air 2 Screen Replacement: Service & Costs

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Let’s be honest here, when it about iPad 2 screen replacement, the most significant factor that most of us worry about is the repair cost. So, what options do we have? 

  • Apple Store
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You can get  iPad Air 2 screen replacement done in just $49 if you are under the AppleCare Plus. AppleCare offers coverage for two accidental damages which include  iPad Air 2 screen replacement cost. 

However, if you are outside the coverage, the pricing goes up depending on the model. Users pay between 249 and 399 USD excluding tax where the store replaces the entire device. Please note that the prices vary by country, so check the Apple Store website to determine the iPad Air 2 screen replacement service cost at your region. 

 iPad Air 2 screen replacement usually takes a day if you visit the Apple Store. It may take 2-5 days for mail-in depending on the requirements. Users can also opt for the express replacement to receive a new iPad first and then send the old one. However, it depends on the coverage plan. 

  • Third-party repair
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There’s no denying that Apple’s repair service is expensive – be it iPad Air 2 screen replacement service or iPad Mini 2 screen replacement. While Apple charges nearly 400 dollars for screen replacement, many third-party repairing professionals provide the same service at half the price. Depending on the availability, you can get your iPad back within 24 hours.

  •  iPad Air 2 screen repair kit
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The last option is to do it yourself. You can find ample Apple iPad Air 2 screen replacement kits on Amazon or eBay under $100. The number of tools varies in each kit, depending on the price. 

Although it is a budget-friendly option, I don’t recommend it as tackling hairline wires can get tricky for an individual with no prior repairing knowledge and skills. 

A DIY Guide on iPad Air 2 Screen Replacement 

Besides keeping an eye to precision, you must consider a few guidelines if you are looking to repair your damaged screen using an iPad Air 2 screen replacement kit. 

  • Use good lighting to spot all the small components.
  • Keep your work station clean and organised so that you don’t misplace any component in a rush.
  • Be cautious while applying heat to loosen the glue. 
  • Do not pull the screen far from the housing until you disconnect the flex cable. 
  • Tape the shattered areas to avoid cuts and bruises.

Tools & Parts Required For The  iPad Air 2 Screen Replacement:

  • Guitar picks (6 pieces)
  • A heat gun or blow dryer
  • Magnetic mat
  • Laser-cut Adhesive
  • Suction handle
  • iPad battery isolation pick
  • Metal Spudger
  • Phillips #000 Screwdriver
  • Phillips #00 Screwdriver
  • iPad Air 2 LCD Screen and Digitiser
  • iPad Air 2 Wi-Fi Adhesive Strips

14 Steps To Follow For  iPad Air 2 Screen Replacement:

  • Soften the glue around the edges using a heat gun. Don’t rush while heating – move the heat gun evenly to avoid overheating one area.
  • Simultaneously, use a metal or plastic prying tool, or you can use a guitar pick to pry the screen upward by inserting it between the screen and the device. In case, you are unable to insert the pick or prying tool, heat the area to soften the adhesive. 

     Note: While heating, avoid a few sensitive areas:

  • Cellular antenna
  • Power button cable 
  • Wi-Fi antenna 
  • Once you get through one section, leave the pry tool or guitar pick as it is and move to other sides of the iPad and repeat the process.
  • Carefully open the digitiser from the right side and make sure the screen and the housing are close. 
  • Cut the digitiser cable on the left side and remove all the four screws on each corner of the device. 
  • Gently lift the screen and pop it out of the socket using a pry tool and detach the screen safely. 
  • Cautiously remove all the glass and adhesive residue from the frame. Use the heat gun to soften the remaining glue. 
  • Peel out the ribbon cable to remove the home button.
  • Take the old home button and drop it into the new screen and lay down the metal guarding the button using glue and slide the ribbon into the socket and cover the tape.
  • Apply glue or adhesive strips all round the new digitiser without covering any components near the home button. Make sure not to pull off the strip backing before touch testing. 
  • Insert the digitiser cable into the socket. Safely tuck it under the metal frame to ensure it goes all the way in and attach the clamps that hold the wires in place. 
  • After reconnecting the new flex cables to the LCD and the logic board, screw the three head screws guarding the flex cable connections.
  • Before attaching the screen with the device, use the power button and home button to test the touch capability. 
  • Switch off the device and use glue around the sides of the frame or remove the adhesive strip backing carefully and press the sides to secure the screen precisely


iPad Air 2 screen replacement is undoubtedly an expensive repair option, but DIY repair is also complicated and requires knowledge about using specialised tools. While the prior option may cost you a lot, it also ensures precision and no damage. For a DIY repair, you are solely responsible for the potential damages caused during the repair process. Simply put, your existing warranties may become invalid. 

Author Bio

Emily Moore is an electronics engineer working at a reputed IT firm in Australia. When she is not working, she likes to assist students with their electronics engineering assignments and help them overcome the subject’s challenges on request. Apart from being a gadget freak, Emily loves to play guitar, hike, and read thrillers. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How much does an iPad Air 2 screen replacement cost?

The cost of an iPad Air 2 screen replacement depends on whether or not you have AppleCare Plus coverage. If you have AppleCare Plus, it will cost you 49 USD to repair your cracked screen. However, it’s only valid for two accidental damages. In case you are outside the AppleCare Plus coverage, it will cost you around 249 USD exclusive of taxes. 

How much is iPad Air 2 screen replacement?

The prices of iPad Air 2 screen replacement vary from country to country. If a user has AppleCare Plus coverage, s/he can get two replacements for accidental damages at 49 USD. Users outside the plan have to pay a high price close to 249 USD, exclusive of taxes. You can also consider third party repairing services or replace your damages iPad with a refurbished model. 

How to install a touch screen glass digitiser for Apple iPad Air 2/3/4/?

  • Take a heat gun and heat only the edges.
  • Use a thin plastic paper to separate the display and touch.
  • Heat the edges from time to time.
  • Once it’s open, remove four display screws using a Philips screwdriver.
  • Remove the Locks and Disconnect Touch Strip
  • Take a new touch screen glass digitiser for replacement. 

(Note: Don’t remove the stickers before touch testing.)

  • Carefully place the Locks and Disconnect Touch Strip. 
  • Replace the display screws after the touch testing
  • Clean the screen and glue all the sides with T-7000 SILICON
  • Remove the warranty stickers and carefully press all the sides to fix the screen precisely.
  • Test the home button and use clips on each side for consistent pressure 
  • Remove the clips after 30 minutes and touch test.

Which screen replacement kits will work with the iPad 2 Air?

You can use the iPad Air 2 screen replacement and digitiser premium repair kit by Phone Remedies to repair your cracked screen, display or touch issues. In this kit, you will get customised tools, including:

  • Premium iPad Air 2 Screen Replacement and Digitiser Display
  • Warranty for phone remedies 
  • 2 Screwdrivers
  • 2 Case opening Tools
  • 2 Pry Tools
  • Laser-cut Adhesive
  • SIM card ejector
  • Suction Cup

How to replace an iPad Air 2 screen?

  • Take a blow dryer around the contours of the iPad to heat the double-sided glue. 
  • After heating for 5 minutes, take the metallic/plastic tool to break the seal between the screen and the iPad
  • Carefully pry the screen and unscrew the three head screws guarding the flex cable connections. 
  • Disconnect the two flex cables connected to the LCD and the logic board
  • Remove the damaged screen and carefully peel out the ribbon cable to remove the button.
  • Drop the old home button into the new screen and lay down the metal guarding the button using glue and slide the ribbon into the socket and cover the tape.
  • Reconnect the new flex cables to the LCD and the logic board and screw the three head screws guarding the flex cable connections
  • Use glue or both side tapes all around the iPad and gently press to safely lock the screen to the iPad.

How do I make sure the home button is connected on iPad Air 2 after screen replacement?

Before glueing the screens, do the following: 

  • Open ANY app
  • Press down the iPad’s Power Button
  • When ‘slide to power off’ option pops up, release power and press the home button
  • Hold down the button until the app closes.
  • Try your home button again and see if it works. 

If it works, great. If not, your home button ribbon connector or home button extension cable is damaged. 

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