We all know that finding a bunch of forex trading platforms is not that difficult, however, finding a reliable platform can cause you a little harder work to do in the field. Often, we all need reviews to rely on. I faced the same issue when I was in search of a trading platform that would be able to accommodate my requirements. Somehow, I landed on a platform that offered almost everything that I was looking for and I couldn’t have gotten to this trading platform without the reviews that I read from people about the extensive services available on this trading platform.

Hence, I want to make it easy for you all to get to know TopMarketCap. I have been using this platform for a while now, to say that it deserves some acknowledgment for all the services that it can provide.

TopMarketCap has services unlike any other trading platform and on top of that, they have some top-notch security regulations for its clients.

In this review, I will make sure to include everything that a trader looks for in a trustworthy forex trading platform.

Endless Trading Opportunities

TopMarketCap is one of a kind forex trading platform. It can give clients a wide variety of services. From a very technologically advanced trading platform, an education center that is equivalent to university-level financial learning material, to top-notch contact services.

These are only some of the services mentioned on a broader spectrum. TopMarketCap can offer more security and trading assistance to its clients.

You will receive a huge range of assets which include, Indices, Crypto, Currency, Commodities, and Stocks. Each asset is presented to you with complete information for analysis which just shows how amazingly advanced this platform is.

On top of all that the broker is giving you round the clock, 24/7 contact services to get in touch with their representatives. Now you can contact them via live chat, email, phone line, or even a form.

Everything that I have mentioned can be accessed with only a click from their main page. So, you don’t ever get lost while finding what you are particularly looking for.on TopMarketCap has been very efficient with the kind of design and execution they provide. They have specifically the platform while keeping the customers’ needs and requirements in their minds.  

Customizable Interface

Customizable Interface - TopMarketCap Review - Click42

The customizable interface is yet another technologically advanced feature that the platform offers. When you get to the trading platform page, you will notice a chart and complete list of all the assets available to you with the information provided such as their selling and buying rates. See the chart very carefully and notice how customizable the platform had made it. This feature is very important for beginner level traders.

For traders with little knowledge, this chart will be like a haven. It is so easy to customize and analyze your assets that you will be able to make better trading decisions. Even if you still feel a little overwhelmed with all this information given to you then do not be afraid to ask for help from the platform’s representatives.

The representative themselves are very educated brokers ready to help anyone with their trading queries. Now see that the trading platform gives you the options to customize your chart type, current price indicators, chart intervals, and all other sorts of options that you might want to utilize to make your chart and trading platform completely according to your liking. You are also given the option to access Positions, deposits, support, settings, account statements, funds, closed positions, etc.

All these available customized alternatives help the clients to make the most of their trading and in this manner, they make a whole lot of great profits. This is the reason that TopMarketCap is known for being the most versatile and client caring platform.

Account Types

I find that the account types are the most important thing that a client should look at on the platform among other things. Now to see if the account is according to your needs is very crucial. In this regard, TopMarketCap has outdone itself. They are giving clients about 4 massively featured accounts.

The platform offers Silver account (250+ Euros), Gold (10,000+ Euros), Platinum (50,000 Euros), and lastly VIP (invitation only)

Al these accounts hold a certain level of features like Over 200 Tradable Assets, Market review, Dedicated Senior Account Managers (available in Gold, Platinum, and VIP), Bonus Funds (available in Gold, Platinum, and VIP), Lucrative Spreads (Gold spreads, platinum spreads, and VIP spreads), financial and Risk Management planning (available in Gold, Platinum, and VIP), Special venture promotions, Access to Lucrative VIP Event (only available in VIP account type), Webinars (monthly, weekly, and complete access in VIP), Private analyst sessions, and lastly Prioritized withdrawal process ( Level 3, 2,1).

Account Types - TopMarketCap Review - Click42

Do not miss out on these account types. They hold very important and beneficial features. Now I can say that the Silver and Gold level account types are appropriate for beginner traders and intermediate level traders. While the Platinum and VIP are highly recommended for expert-level traders who know what they are doing.

Safe and Secure

The strategies for deposit accessible on this platform are two. You can either choose a card, Credit, or Debit. You can likewise decide to select a Bank Wire Transfer.

In any case, both these techniques can be utilized to make withdrawals moreover easy. The cycle to withdraw might appear to be somewhat long. It can run up to seven to ten business days depending on the documentation that the platform might require from the client just to confirm the identity for extra security measures. This has an underlined advantage. The platform has heavy rules and regulations with regards to the top-notch security and safety of its customer’s resources. This is the reason they put solid powers in play during the entire methodology to guarantee that all arrangements are met, and rules are followed.

Something else I understood was the fact that the period for withdrawal additionally relied upon your account type. You can generally move up to improve administrations by selecting an upgraded account type. The transactions are smoother when the techniques to deposit and withdraw were equivalent.

Contact Services

TopMarketCap realizes how fundamental great client assistance is. It implies the significance of client needs for a trading platform. You should have the option to guarantee that the administrations you offer your clients are to be sure ending up being helpful for them. This is the reason you can contact the trading platform administration representatives through email, live chat, or even a call. You will see that you can classify your requirement for reaching the trading platform organization. It incorporates different approaches like Customer Support Service, Trading Platform Assistance, General Feedback, and Complaints. This encourages the client to guide your message to appropriate administrators. Every classification has an appropriate administrator furnished with the necessary information to take into account your requirements.

Contact Services - TopMarketCap Review - Click42

The timings for live chat administrations are Monday to Friday 07:00-14:00 GMT while those for calling are Monday to Friday 09:00 – 13:00 GMT. The calling administrations are accessible just in three nations which may be a bother for some clients. These nations incorporate Australia, the United Kingdom, and Austria. It can be hard to reach administration representatives on specific occasions. This is essential because of a lot of traffic on the worker. When you register your message with the administrator, your request will be prepared. You may very well need to stand by somewhat more than you may have trusted, but the solution you will get will be worth it.

Financial Education

The platform gives its clients and essentially everyone that can visit the site top-notch university-level financial learning material. Now you may be thinking that is a very high level of education so worry not. The platform is very considerate.

The platform is so generous that they have classified all this education material into eBooks, Glossary, Asset index, and at last the FAQ section.

The eBooks are around 12 in total which can accommodate beginner level education and expert level education. So really no one will feel like they can’t learn something valuable from the platform.

Overall, the education center is a complete package to learn something about the trading world. Do give it a try.

Last Statement

I trust my very detailed review of this trading platform will end up being valuable to you. It is fundamental to recognize that every trader has distinctive trading necessities. Having the option to survey the administrations offered by a trading platform will help you with your trade needs. At the point when you understand the kind of requirements you are searching for in a trading platform, it isn’t that hard to settle on a decision.

Pick this agent if you are searching for a solid trading platform, one that you can rely on to secure the assets you manage in the trading scene.