Like many people, it has been hard for me to find a good trading company to rely on. One thing that we all seem to be looking for is the reliability and effectiveness of services. These services may range from a solid education to a variety of trading and payment methods. Thus, to find such a company that can satisfy all of my trading demands was difficult. But one such company that was recommended to me by a fellow friend was StocksCM. I had come to trust his suggestion and decided to go for it. He did prove a point by justifying its potential. 

Through the course of my own personal experience, I understood a couple of facts about the platform. This review will help you understand the platform from my point of view and help you determine if it is the right platform for you. You will be able to have an opinion regarding StockCM by going through the services this platform offers its clients.

Trade Experience 

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When you are breaking out deals by yourself, you come across various trade factors. You can locate information in the News and are constantly referred to Research Tabs where they can get access to stocks by identifying the market cap, the possible benefit yield, while also keeping in mind the top rating in the area. Even though I don’t find myself that inclined towards their site shading plan; the appeal may be subjective to choose for most people.  

I found that you can set up your default preferences for trading on the web, whether or not you have the attention of the available market stake or limit order. One that stood out, in particular, was the time period for decision making was limited as most of the choices were to be made in the hour of the Trade itself.

Keeping the appeal of the trading platform alive, the graphical representation of your trade data, as well as assessed work of trade analysts, comes alive on the first tab. You can access all your trade settings like Forex, Crypto, Commodities, and even Indices. I liked the fact that the Graph settings had enough options for me to overview my particular requirements. However, there was no instruction tool to direct the options. This can make it difficult for clients with limited experience with a trading platform. 

StocksCM manages to provide all basic representative graphs from line, spline, scatter, candlestick and OHLC. This gives you a series of options for chart indicators. You will also have the ability to determine the current price indicators. This reflects on StocksCM’s dedication towards the premise of ease for their clientele. 

I for one, would have preferred a brighter, more legible colour scheme for the charts. But that is just a personal preference. What truly did impress me was the fact that StcoksCM managed to keep up with the progressing data. This was one thing that definitely allowed it to stand out. This trading platform has more optimised data and a range of tools offered to you to access that data and make the most of it. The probability calculator and other analytics were the ones that really got me interested. You can always go to their website to see for yourself. 

Usability Convenience 

StocksCM is designed to be easy to use. It has a simple interface that can be easily managed. The platform has provided the necessary tools to traders to combat certain challenges. But it does seem to lack the instruction manual to comprehend their use. The initial process for opening an account with StockCM is pretty basic. It matches up to the general trading platform guidelines. The add-on account features a number of applications. They may seem like an extra load of information to process; but that is not the case. The server is optimised to be integrated with the platform. It manages to retrieve all the required information from your account profile itself. 

So, while you may feel obliged to add these futuristic features, there is less effort required on your part. This effort is directed more towards the initial registration process. Though it may seem pretty time consuming, it is definitely worth the added security.

This is why I choose to trust them a whole lot more. Traders that are relatively less active on the trading circuit and are mainly interested to buy will find StocksCM’s platform pretty suitable in meeting most of their requirements. The market quotient, stock analysis with graphs and watchlists are all perfectly integrated in an optimised interface. I did notice that the platform gets slow when you try to access more than three of its integrated resources, but the worthwhile service outputs definitely manage to make up for it. 


StocksCM has its very own Online Education Centre that has over 600 pieces of valuable content. The content varies from data on fixed income, tax guidelines, crucial and specialised analysis and retirement plans. The content is streamlined in various different instructive means from simple articles, videos, webinars and infographics. One thing that starts out about these materials is the fact that they are just as useful to the beginner trader as they are to an expert one. Though I did notice their lack of range when it comes to eBooks. However, it is made up by their Educational meetings. Yes. You got that right. StocksCM manages to offer weekly online Education meetings. Here the customers can gather together to discuss the inside outside working of trading and comparing the analysis of their subjects. There are certain mobile application features that can help better educate the start traders. 

Account Types 

Accounts types - click42

If you choose to select this trading platform, you will discover four distinct account types. You are required to select them based on your trade experience and interest. The first account that you are offered is the Silver Account. You are required to deposit 250 EUR in it upon selection. The offers that are connected with this account include the more than 200 trading resources, multiple market audits and a leverage upto 1:100. If it wasn’t obvious already, let me make it clear for you. This account is designed to be ideal for beginners in particular. It is the best way to try out this platform too. 

When you find you eligible for higher amounts, you can always opt for the Gold account. The base deposit in this account is 10,000 EUR. I have to admit, the features offered in this account are pretty amazing. There are 200+ trading resources and additional market surveys. You will also have Gold spreads, a leverage that ranged upto 1:200, extra assets and exceptional endeavor advancements. All this is made available to you with a committed senior account manager, financial and risk management designing, monthly webinars, and organized withdrawal measure. 

I can give you a comparative overview of the third Platinum account. It does not vary greatly but obviously there is an expansion in the currently provided resources. There are Platinum Spreads, a leverage upto 1:300, all supported by trading signals, weekly webinars, private analysis meetings and an organized withdrawal measure level 2. The base deposit prerequisite is 50,000 EUR. 

The last available option is the VIP account. It has an assortment of choices. One other thing that sets it apart is the fact that it is an invitation only account. Furthermore, VIP Spreads are offered, with a leverage upto 1:400, a full access to trade room analysis and online courses, admittance to rewarding VIP functions, and organized withdrawal measure level 1. 

Honestly, I have to admit that StocksCM has helped me tremendously when it comes to managing my assets and trading with those commodities safely. One thing is for sure that you can completely trust them to cater to your needs. This is evident from the various offers they will keep on providing you. 

Customer Care 

  • 24/7 available contact line 
  • Online chat with a human analyst 
  • FAQs providing detailed answers to cater to your queries 
  • Engaging conversations with live traders

One perfect way to assess the reliability of any customer service is by determining the time needed by them to get back to their customers. This goes for any service. This lays out a perfect demonstration of their commitment to their clients. StockCM’s contact service is definitely a productive one. What I noticed during my experience was how despite being learned, they were able to lay out the terms simply. They make sure that everyone can understand their language. I did notice that during the night-time, their customer service came across as slow. But they always managed to give an appropriate and satisfactory answer to my queries. 

You can also get in touch with them through their live chat. It is personally my top pick while reaching out to them. I just find the operators to be more hands on when it comes to this approach. They reply immediately and stay with you until your problem is completely resolved. The email choice is also a pretty reliable option. It is just as safe and quick when it comes to response. 

Risk Management 

StocksCM, like any other trading platform, is well aware of the risks that come into play. It is amazing and hands on when it comes to risk management. They show great consideration for their clients. 

It doesn’t matter which sector of the market you operate in, there is a risk in every area. It is just like any other business domain. You will experience the good and bad all in all. You can’t completely shield yourself from it all. You need to be able to adapt to the circumstances as it is. This will help you not fall victim to them.

This is where StocksCM comes in. Their network is designed to secure you in every which way possible. 


StocksCM manages to uphold its security regulations according to the industry norms: 

  • Security questions are integrated upon sign in regulations so that customers are subjected to pass through an obscure program. 
  • Trades that require higher risk factors have a two-way verification system in order to encrypt the transaction. 

Deposit and Withdrawal 

Credit/Debit Card and Bank Wire Transfer are the two ways through which deposits can be made. 

Withdrawal can also be made using both these services. However, it takes around seven to ten days for the withdrawal cycle to be finished in its entirety. This number is likely to shift depending on your account type. This for one can be a problem for most clients when they require urgent services for withdrawal. However, the need levels of each account are optimised to precision. You can always upgrade to a better one to utilise those services. What I realised through my experience was the fact that if I used similar methods for deposits and withdrawals, it helped my trade transactions a whole lot more. 

My Assessment of StocksCM

My overall experience was definitely a good one with this broker. It identified itself as an authentic broker to me and was able to keep up with all its promises when it comes to optimised services. 

I would surely recommend it further to people looking for a suitable trading platform. StocksCM has managed to improve every step of the way in order to cater to a more clientele. They have already set up objectives for 2020 to accommodate client expectations when it comes to customer experience and convenience.

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