There has been a startling boom in the e-commerce industry, and online shopping is slowly the preferred choice of many consumers. E-commerce was already growing at a considerable pace, and its success has been amplified with the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, which has compelled people to stay indoors and order online.

If you are managing a startup company, then you have the challenge to find the most suitable and cost-effective box to mail the orders. When you are choosing the type of packaging for your product, there are certain things to consider, such as

  • How does the package or box look?
  • Does the product fit easily inside the box or not?
  • How much will it cost on average to mail the order to customers?

A mailer box is a popular solution that is used to send and store products through the internet. A mailer box is made from high-quality paperboard and has distinctive flaps and wings to open and close the box. The simple design allows to place the product and close it without any adhesive tape.

The mailer boxes are ideal for products that do not require ample space and can quickly get delivered to clients and customers. The mailer boxes are not only economical to ship, but there is a wide range of custom options that can allow you to present the brand in an astounding way.

What are Custom Mailer Boxes?

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Fast and custom e-commerce delivery requires purposeful boxes that will store the contents of the package safely and quickly get delivered to the customers. The mailer boxes with custom design size and shape are called ‘custom mailer boxes,’ which can be ideal for branding and shipping purposes.

The mailer boxes can easily be customized nowadays with durable hinges and secure padding inside and out to withstand any pressure and keep the product safe. A mailer box is mostly used to send small items, but now these boxes come in variable size according to size and type of product. Some of the things to consider when going for mailer boxes for your business are

  • Cost

For a startup company, the cost is everything, and there is a constant search for technology or smart solution that can build the brand and attain customer satisfaction at a minimum cost. Custom packaging has given startups the ideal opportunity to attract potential customers by exquisite and extravagant packaging options.

The customer mailer boxes are quite cost-effective when it comes to delivering various products such as cosmetic goods, jewelry, clothing, shoes, pet food, children’s toys, nutritional supplements, and electronic gadgets.

  • Design

The advancement in printing techniques has given way to custom artwork, graphics, and colors inside and outside the custom mailer box. The brand logo and other necessary information can be displayed in a creative manner. There are value-added features in the form of glossy laminations, die-cut windows, and CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black) color.

  • Size

Mailer boxes are usually known to place small things and accessories, but ‘custom’ means that size can be altered according to the type and size of the product to be stored or shipped.

The Reasons to Get Custom Mailer Boxes

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The custom mailer boxes are made from recycled cardboard, and the material used is nearly 90% biodegradable. Corrugated cardboard is used, which is known for its strength and durability. Digital printing allows colors to appear subtle and alluring, and a glossy finish further enhances the texture of the custom box.

The mailer boxes are best if you want to run a promotional campaign. The boxes can be customized without any difficulty and allow to build the brand and improve sales. The mailer boxes are lightweight, which makes them easy to carry, move, ship, and deliver to the customers who order online. The eco-friendly material ensures that the box will not harm the environment even after its use.

The simple opening and closing design with the interlocking flaps make custom mailers a favorite option for subscription box companies, and the design is categorized in Standard Mailer box, Maler box with wings and flaps, and mailer box without wings. One can also ask for custom inserts within the mailer box, which is popular particularly for cosmetic products.  But the custom inserts must be designed according to the shape and size of the box.

Apart from the common customizations, there are a wide array of exquisite personalized options that can be used, such as stickers, packaging tape, hand tags, brochures, and header cards. Adding a sticker gives the custom boxes a more professional look and displays the features and information about the product and the brand.

As a business owner, you can opt for either fancy designs or minimalist designs based on the products that are delivered to the customers. A simple design is used when brands want to portray the importance of the product packed inside rather than the captivating appearance of the package. You can easily get mailer boxes at discounted or wholesale rates if you order in bulk quantity.

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