If you have decided to travel as a backpacker, you will see the world from a completely different, very exciting perspective than the package tourist. On such a trip you experience a lot of adventure and learn a lot about yourself.


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Where should I go and how long should I travel?

Do you already have a specific travel destination in mind? Is there a country that you are particularly interested in and where you have always wanted to go? Do you want to travel the world? The choice of countries is not easy. Generally one tends to want to see too many countries in too short a time and to underestimate distances. Usually it makes more sense to commit to a few countries or regions.

Where you travel to depend on how long you want to be on the road or how long you have time? A couple of days, a couple of weeks or maybe half a year? The duration of your trip can of course also be limited by your available money. Set up a specific schedule and think carefully about whether what you have set out to do really fit into this schedule. It’s always a good idea to plan a few more days because there is always something interesting or worth seeing on site, so it’s always better to have some time buffer.

It is a mistake to travel too fast, because that means pure stress, and all you have left of your trip are a few photos. Ideally you take 1 month for 1 country or you limit yourself to only one region in a country such as United Arab Emirates.

Dubai is definitely worth a trip.

Probably no other destination View definition in a new window in the world has gone through such a change in recent years as Dubai. Where a few years ago dunes and camels dominated the scene, one of the most impressive metropolises has now emerged. One superlative after the next emerges at an absolutely breathtaking pace. 7-star hotels, indoor ski centers in the desert, artificial islands, gigantic shopping malls, breathtakingly large aquariums, the Burj Khalifa, which is over 820 meters high – all of this was still a fantasy in the 90s.

There is hardly a travel destination that leaves holidaymakers with such anticipation before the trip, which then turns into absolute enthusiasm. Unfortunately, however, many Germans shy away from a vacation in Dubai, as the emirate is very often mistakenly labeled as “far too expensive”.

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It is true, however, that you do not necessarily have to pay 800 euros for a single night in Dubai, but that you can spend a whole week all-inclusive for less money. In case, you are burdened with extra luggage, there Cargo services in Dubai to Pakistan or any other destination, you may take avail of.

We are still opening one luxury hotel after another in Dubai, and in 2011 alone around 10,000 new hotel beds are to be created in Dubai. In order to fill these capacities, the hoteliers afford a price war from which the vacationers benefit.

The situation in the sky of Dubai is very similar. Almost every week there are new flight connections to Dubai from all over the world. The existing “Dubai International Airport” is being permanently expanded and already has Terminal T3, one of the largest terminals in the world. In parallel to the expansion, the second airport “Dubai World Central Al Maktoum International Airport” is currently being built, and the first cargo flights are already being handled via the new airport. In the future, both airports will be operated in parallel.

Due to the high number of flights, the airlines engage in a price war that is very similar to that of hoteliers. Cheap flights to Dubai can be booked almost all year round with various airlines.

But Dubai is not only very cheap because of the travel costs, but also because of the location. From Germany you reached the emirate after only about 6 hours of flight time, the time difference is only 3 hours. Comparably exotic travel destinations such as South America, Asia or the Maldives have a much longer and more complex journey.

How much does such a trip cost?

Nothing going on without moss and no travel without money that is clear. The planning of finances should always be very precise. Find out as much information as possible about your travel destination, because that way you can estimate how much what costs.

So when you have made the choice of country and you know how long you will be traveling, you can calculate how much money you will need per day. If you travel to Dubai for 4 weeks with a daily budget of 40 € then you need a total of 1,200 €. Of course, it can happen that you spend more on one day and less on another. The daily budget only serves as a rough overview.

If possible, plan a little more generously. For special activities like a bungee jump or diving, you should plan an “extra” budget anyway. For this you can look specifically for providers and prices on the Internet.

Money and cards?

In any case, think about how you can get your money on site. It is always good to take a few US dollars with you in cash. Preferably in small denominations. Get a credit card that you can use to withdraw money abroad for free. Inform your bank that you will be abroad for a longer period, and then nobody will be surprised that there are suddenly withdrawals from abroad.

Which documents are important?

Which papers are important for entry? Is the passport enough or do you have to have a visa? Is your passport still valid? If you want to stay in Australia for half a year and work there, you have to have a Working Visa.

As soon as you have selected the countries and before you book your flight, you can start to inform yourself about the entry requirements at the Foreign Office and, if necessary, to get a visa in good time. For many countries you can now save yourself that because there is a visa on-arrival. That means you will get your visa directly at the airport. You should have a few passport photos of yourself with you.

You should always store important documents scanned online so that you can get them at any time should you lose something.

Should I travel alone?

Whether you want to travel alone, as a couple or in a group is always an individual matter. All variants have their advantages and disadvantages. If you are traveling alone, then you are flexible and do not have to be considerate.

When you travel in a group you always have someone to chat with, you can share your impressions and you travel safer. If the partner also wants to discover the big wide world, all the better.

How can I combine travel and work?


For some countries like UAE, there is a working visa with which you get official permission to work in a country for a certain period of time.

What should I pack?

Your backpack is your home. Luxury of any kind should generally stay at home, and you can buy a lot in the country itself and don’t necessarily have to carry it with you.

In addition to a normal backpack, you can also take a light daypack with you, which will serve you well for excursions and day trips. Alternatively, a shoulder bag is very practical. A backpacker with a suitcase is a “no go” by the way. You can get a bum bag to keep your credit card, cash and important documents safe.

What if I get homesick?

If you get homesick when you get the travel blues, then it’s not a good idea to cut short your trip headlong. Take your time, go over your plans, and sometimes it helps to call loved ones at home or see a familiar face on Skype.

You can also keep in touch via Facebook or Twitter, and then homesickness usually goes away very quickly. To avoid homesickness, it is good to live in a hotel, because there you will find many like-minded people and get other thoughts.

What do I do when I return?

It may sound strange, but many backpackers fall into a deep hole after a trip at home. Take your time to come back, put together an album with the most beautiful pictures of the trip, invite friends, tell them about your adventures or share your experiences with other backpackers on a blog, that will definitely help! Shortly before your arrival, make a small checklist of what needs to be arranged at home so that you can get back in better.

In general, it is good to have a perspective for after your return. The more unhappy you are in your home life, the harder it is to get home. Perhaps the journey encouraged you to take a different path and lead a life that suits you better. Somehow it always goes on! And you can be sure it is the same for others.

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