Are you blown away by the performance of a product? 

                  Are you delighted by the attention a brand showered upon you?


The above two instances are the impressions a customer can have for your brand. A customer’s perception of their experience with your brand is called Customer Experience.

Customer Experience is the result of every interaction a customer has with a brand. From navigating the website to interacting with customer support to receiving the products they shopped.

Hence customer experience impacts their perception, decision to keep coming back or not, and is considered to be a valued and unique asset for any brand.

It is an essential factor that determines loyalty towards a brand and the way a brand responds to unhappy consumers.  Further determines what they say about a brand afterward.

What is Digital Customer Experience?

What is Digital Customer Experience-click42

Digital customer experience is online interaction a customer has with a brand and the resulting impression that a customer walks away with. 

Why is CX important?

A positive CX is critical to the success of an e-commerce store because a happy and satisfied customer is the one who is likely to become a loyal customer who can help boost revenue. 

According to a study, When a customer is loyal to a brand:

86% will recommend the brand to family and friends

— 66% are likely to go for a positive online review after a good experience

— 46% will remain loyal to a brand even after a bad customer experience


The Solution

Live streaming commerce is a magnificent way for brands to connect with their audience in real-time. It is all about allowing customers to engage with your stream so that they can be a part of a discussion. Engaging directly with a brand via live streaming can attract and ignite customer attention and retention. Hence, you can offer your target audience a better experience by engaging with them in real-time.

Let us now see How Live streaming commerce impacts customer experience which leads to customer loyalty:

Builds trust

Live streaming commerce recreates a real store experience online, as it offers two-way real-time communication which helps create trust between buyers and sellers. It also gives an opportunity to brands to offer live support, Q&A sessions, fashion shows, etc in real-time which determines how transparent a brand is.

Targets a modern audience

Targets a modern audience-click42

It is all about real-time viewing and engaging experience which suits the modern audience who are always on the go. This brings convenience while delivering the pleasure of shopping.

Creates huge engagement

Live Streaming is more personal and engaging than other forms of media like pictures or on-demand videos. The fact that live streaming occurs in real-time creates more engagement and retention. An engaged customer is more likely to become a repeat customer. 

Creates urgency

Product demonstrations or launches are far more exciting, especially when viewers can interact in real-time and get involved by asking their queries or by submitting comments. Furthermore, offering flash sales and discounts during the live stream generates curiosity among the customers. This creates a feeling of excitement, immediacy, and connection” towards a brand.

Future of Live Streaming Commerce

A growing number of consumers are attracted to live streaming commerce because they perceive utilitarian value, hedonic value, and a sense of belongingness which in turn can enhance consumer’s attitudes towards sellers/products, and thus purchase intention. 

Live streaming e-commerce is a trend that demonstrates the significance of audiovisuals in digital commerce especially in these times of social distancing. It is also likely to continue when everything returns to normality.

Live streaming commerce is here to stay!

To sum up

Live streaming commerce is a great way to create valuable content that enriches viewers’ experience as it provides viewers with authenticity, transparency, and entertainment.

Understanding the benefits of live streaming commerce can help you build the appropriate plan to offer a positive customer experience and will benefit you in earning customer loyalty.

If you’re looking to live stream, then opting out for the live streaming solution for commerce is the way to go. It can help bridge the gap between you and your customers, making it easier for your customers to experience a more satisfying online shopping experience.

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