Drinking enough water is very essential to stay healthy and make sure that your body functions smoothly. The necessity of drinking water increases further if you are an expectant mother. During pregnancy, as there are multiple changes in your body and you will need to drink more water to manage the further requirements. If you are a mom-to-be, it is necessary to be making sure that your drink pure and sufficient water. Just install a water purifier that eliminates impurities, microorganisms as well as keeps you safe from diseases.

Contaminated water taken by a pregnant woman can compromise the baby’s health, as per a study from the researchers at the Princeton University in October 2013 and the “Pregnant women living in areas with contaminated drinking water might be more likely to have babies which are earlier or have low birth weights, “Princeton Journal Watch, a blog about the advanced research from the university.

The researchers got small effects of water contamination on all kids, “but large and statistically important effect on the birth weight as well as the growth of babies that are born to less educated mothers.” 

For many moms, it didn’t take expert research to notify them that drinking contaminated water isn’t an excellent idea during pregnancy. Some baby looks problem alerts about the issue, stating that staying hydrated is beneficial, but only if the water is clean.

Drink Safe and Contaminant-Free Water

Measuring the drinking water quality is extremely essential, specifically when you are an expected mother. Whether you choose for tap bottled or water bottle, both the sources can be a storehouse of contaminants. As a result, it is extremely essential for the installation of a water purifier from a renowned brand avoiding any health problems. RO water purifiers from Aqua Easy eliminate dissolved impurities, microorganisms to ensure that it is safe to drink during pregnancy. 

However you might think your water tastes are perfectly normal, unknowingly, you may be filling your glass with various pesticides, heavy metals, antibiotics, or micro-plastics. This is the reason why drink contamination should free safe offered by Aqua Easy Purifier

The Reverse Osmosis filtration system works just by forcing water via a special fine membrane to remove impurities, that might not be visible to the naked eye. These membranes eliminate impurities based on their shape and size. It means that particles are larger than water molecules can’t pass via the filter. The membrane actually blocks harmful contaminants and chemicals like viruses, pesticides, ions, bacteria, ions, among others. Well, it also can eliminate chemicals dissolved in the water that other purification technologies cannot.

An RO purifier is well suited for the home as well as industrial usage. The RO technology is being successfully used around industries that include cosmetics, seawater desalination, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage processing, as well as industrial boilers.

RO Purifiers Benefits for Drinking Water

An RO Purifier is integrated for filtering toxins like lead, arsenic, mercury, fluoride, and chlorine. These chemicals might cause diseases.

RO Purification enhances the taste of the water and it consumes less energy as compared to other purifiers, which results in lower consumption of electricity. The purification process enhances the t

Reasons to Drink More Water during pregnancy

Drinking sufficient water while pregnancy prevents various problems like hemorrhoids as well as other symptoms related to pregnancy. Let’s have a look at some of the reasons for drinking more water during pregnancy.

Water Provides UTIs and Constipation

One of the most essential reasons to drink sufficient water is to provide nutrients to the Fetus. Water helps to provide the prenatal vitamins and health foods to the Fetus and water help your body to absorb the important nutrients into the cells and also transfers these important vitamins, minerals, and hormones to your blood cells. The rich blood cells reach your baby with the help of water and also provide all the important nutrients.

Water Prevents Fatigue, Overheating, and Headaches

When you are pregnant, you have to start eating and drinking for two people. It also means your body requires eliminating more trash from your body than during normal days. As a result, drinking more water dissolves the waste products and also helps to flush kidneys. While you drink more water, your urine is diluted that also helps to keep UTIs, kidney infections, as well as bladder infections. Drinking enough water also prevents hemorrhoids and constipation caused by constipation pressure.

Maintains a Clear Complexion

During pregnancy, due to hormonal changes, you can go through a number of skin issues. Dark circles, acne are quite common while this phase of pregnancy. The risk of heat stroke and exhaustion is also high in pregnant women. Drinking a sufficient amount of water helps to cool the system of your body to function smoothly. Apart from this, a sufficient amount of fluids also lessens the pregnancy fatigue and keeps a check on the headaches. Water also lessens Edema’s excess sodium from your body that prevents swelling.

Maintains a Clear Complexion

During pregnancy, hormones can lead to a number of skin issues. Dark circles, acne are quite common while in this phase. One of the ways to keep these issues away is by drinking a good amount of water intake during pregnancy. Always stayed hydrated during pregnancy can play an essential role to maintain a clear complexion during pregnancy.

Water is very essential throughout your pregnancy for the development of the baby and also for your entire health. It is suggested to stay hydrated while you are expecting pregnancy to keep any dehydration-related problems away. You should get connected with your doctor as quickly as you notice any sign of dehydration in your body.

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