When you give a thought about earning money or starting a business with minimum or no investment, generally the list of options seem shockingly small. Most of the time, it is due to lack of knowledge about those amazing opportunities. 

One of those lucrative opportunities is t shirt designing. This business is really easy to start and you can earn profits even without spending a penny. All you have to do is make attractive t shirt designs.

Here, we have listed below 9 companies that can help you make loads of money by designing t-shirts. 

  • Designhill

Designhill is a leading marketplace online. With a huge number of facilities and softwares available, earning through t-shirt designing is also one of its facilities. T shirt designers can earn easy money with Designhill.

 This online platform conducts Tshirt designing contests and winners can get amazing prizes. All you have to do is design t-shirts and get prizes in return. 

Also, you can create your own designer portfolio. If a potential buyer reaches on your portfolio and likes your designs, you can get orders from them. Not only this, you may receive new assignments if you manage to impress clients with your t-shirt designs

  • Teespring 

Teespring is totally a free platform with amazing earning opportunities. You can upload your design and take assistance of an online designer to create your product. 

So, your work starts by setting a sales goal or tipping point. You need to reach that goal to start t-shirt printing. Create your design and spread your campaign through emails, social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or platform like Instagram. When you reach the tipping point, Teespring starts producing your t-shirt orders and delivers them. At the end, you receive your share of profit. 

Price of t-shirts varies with text, design and colour choice. Basically a t- shirt costs $5.75. Adding a design makes it $7.40. Set retail price as per your wish and make profits. More the sale, more will be the profit you receive. 

  • Zazzle

Sell personally designed products like tshirts,coffee mugs, wall art, jewellery or pillows and earn huge profits on Zazzle. All this is possible with minimal effort. This is a free online store with absolutely no upfront costs. You can design your own design store for free and under your own name. 

Set your royalty rates from anywhere between 5% and 95%. Products designed by you will be produced by and delivered by Zazzle. Plus, you do not need to set a sales goal to start production. 

Even if your hand is tight in designing, you can still earn with Zazzle. Become an Associate and share links of your favourite shops and items made by others and earn commission on it.

  • Spreadshirt

With over 150 product range to design on and earn, Spreadshirt is an amazingly lucrative marketplace. Create your own online shop free of cost and sell directly to your target audience. You can upload your designs in the market and sell those t-shirt designs to audiences on Spreadshirt.  

You can manage your free accounts to earn huge profits. To add to this, you can control your own commission rates. You have the liberty to sell your own t-shirt designs but along with this, you can also sell designs of other people. Earn $1.50 and above on each sale.

  • Cafepress 

Sell your designs on mugs, tshirts, posters, hoodies or bumper stickers. You have the option of selling your work on Cafepress Marketplace for free. Big brands like Nat Geographic, Sprout, Paramount have their shops on Cafepress. This platform offers crowdfunded custom t-shirts. 

With no upfront costs at all, you can create your own t-shirt designs  and then create a campaign. Spread your campaign on email, social media,website or your blog. Next you need to set a goal and eventually you start selling t-shirts. 

You have the freedom to set your own prices and make profits on sale accordingly. This place is considered best for crowdfunding. Also, prices may vary depending on designs or text. Generally, you can earn up to $63.10 on 10 shirts. 

  • Printful

Printful has an earning opportunity without any monetary investment. This platform has integration with Shopify, Amazon, WooCommerce and more. You can design your own products like t-shirts, pillows, posters, tote bags, cell phone cases and many more. 

You can run the store without any hassle. Just connect with Printful and develop your own online shop. Select products and design them. Then, as people buy your designed products, you will start receiving profits. 

T shirt prices start at $9.99. Set retail prices according to your will and earn profit.

  • Thread less

Thread less has no limitations on how much you can sell. Make huge and easy money with this platform by designing T-Shirts. You have the opportunity to sell your designs to anywhere in the world. This customizable art shop provides you amazing facilities for free. 

Earn profits on anything above the base price of merchandise that you set. You do not need to pay care for shipping fee, customer care, inventory or any other thing other than designing and spreading a word about it. 

T shirt costs $15, makes the retail price $25 and you can earn $10 profit on it. 

  • Blue Cotton

20 years of experience makes Blue Cotton a trustable website. Also, it guarantees quality and is also free of cost. It has a custom print shop with a design studio. 

It does not have any online store opportunity but offers campaigns to earn. 

Campaigns have a benefit of no risk and no worries of inventory. You need to design t-shirts and set a price as per your choice. Then, add description and set your goal. Share your campaign on social networking sites, website or blog. Once the campaign is over, production starts and your customers will receive what they ordered. Furthermore,  you receive the profit you have earned. 

  • Red Bubble

This platform will do all the work and you just need to handle designing to get money. Create and upload your exclusive designs to sell t-shirts, vinyl stickers, posters or device cases. 

You need to add margin to base price of the product. Sign up is totally free and once you are done you can start earning money with minimal effort.

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