Marketing for mass tort clientele is becoming more and more difficult these days. According to estimates, only about 10-20 per cent of those who suffer actionable harm actually seek and join litigation efforts. Needless to say, targeting the entirety of a group is an action in futility in itself. But no more. With Class Action Marketing, you can get guaranteed results every time without fail. Check Class Action Marketing out at to see why they claim such results and command such a position at the top of the mass tort marketing chain.

Mass tort marketing usually fails because a good majority of claimants avoid going into a tedious legal battle with a major corporation, which puts a drain on their mental health and financial fidelity. Its even harder for legal firms, who take up a case of mass claimants against a corporation, only to find out the majority wants to stay away, even though its been wronged. So, they turn to mass tort marketing, which provides unsatisfactory results.

However, with Class Action Marketing, you can be sure of one thing: getting to the claimants effectively and without a hitch. Despite their reluctance to appear, a good law firm can convince people to wage a legal war against a corporation just like a good mass tort marketing service will pinpoint and accurately target people that need to be targeted.

Why Class Action Marketing?

Because Class Action Marketing is the only platform specifically created for the purpose of helping law firms build plaintiff groups for class action lawsuits. While others may have a generalised service or handle it through one of their regular firms, this website is built for the purpose and works as advertised. 

The website combines tier one press release distribution with paid social and digital media advertising to drive plaintiffs to law firms sign up pages. This ensures that a major part of plaintiffs sign up, and show up for the whole litigation process. While all the other services may struggle with this, the website has integrated services that plaintiffs find easy to use, access and thus drives up their participation up a few notches. 

Class Action Marketing specialises in securities, healthcare, product and consumer class actions using paid advertising on web sites such as Yahoo Finance, Marketwatch, MSNBC, Google, Facebook, Bing and others.

Digital marketing by Class Action Marketing includes several different strategies needed to work together in order to create a sense of connection and trust in potential clients. Their digital marketing efforts fit together seamlessly to give potential clients a better idea of what to expect when they connect with the website: your voice, your focus and what you have to offer to your clients. Press release marketing for mass tort claims should cast a wide net but also be explicitly directed at the clients who are most likely to need assistance with specific claims.

For example, if you know patients in a specific geographic region who have experienced problems with a certain type of drug or medical device, you may want to target your marketing directly to those regions. You may also want to target your digital marketing efforts directly to individuals who have searched for specific keywords related to a known claim or claims covered by your law firm. Class Action Marketing does all this and more for a price that makes you feel like you’re not getting ripped off. 

More on Class Action Marketing

Class Action Marketing is iCrowdNewswire’s solution to mass tort marketing problems: with numerous distribution channels and a host of features that make others look like a shantytown, the website is sure to rustle a few leaves with law firms when it comes to mass tort marketing. Its has results to back it up and has an impressive resume of projects completed to satisfaction.

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