It is no secret that a car hire with insurance can save you money and can keep your vehicle safe. However, it is not a guarantee that you are going to be in an accident. The best way to make sure you get the most out of your car hire with an insurance policy is to ensure you take the time to compare the cost of the premiums and the level of cover offered against the amount of insurance you would have to pay if you were involved in an accident.

Hiring a PCO car with insurance should be seen as a last resort when you have no other option. If you can avoid accidents, then it is worth spending the extra cash and getting the minimum cover. There are a lot of different companies out there that offer services of PCO Car Hire with Insurance, but only a few offer good value for money.

1. Cheap Car Hire with Insurance:

One of the main reasons to use PCO car hire is because they offer cheap car hire with insurance. Most of them do not charge a premium on top of the regular insurance they offer. This means that the insurance can be cheaper than some companies and you are guaranteed that you are covered if anything goes wrong with your car.

2. Consider the Time and Cost of Hiring:

The cost of car hire with PCO insurance will differ depending on how much of the risk you are willing to accept. You will have to consider the time and cost of hiring a vehicle, how much risk you are prepared to accept, and the amount of excess you are willing to pay. PCO also offers packages for customers who want to use them for more than just one trip a year.

3. Provide Maximum Amount of Insurance:

PCO is a very reputable company and many people prefer their services over others. The main reason people prefer PCO over the other companies is that they provide the maximum amount of insurance. Their vehicles are insured up to a certain amount of the policy. They can also extend the insurance to cover passengers or the driver of the car if required.

4. Easy to Insure Your Vehicle:

If you hire a PCO car with insurance from them, you can usually make it a point to drive them the same day you hire the car. This is a great way of making sure that they are in peak condition and can safely transport your car to the airport or the place where you are heading to. This makes it easier to insure your vehicle and will make it easier to drive it in normal traffic conditions.

5. In Case of Accident:

It is important to remember that PCO’s cars are normally insured up to the amount they have on their car hire with insurance policy. Therefore, even if you hire a PCO car with insurance, you can still use it if an accident occurs, but it is unlikely to be covered. If you wish to drive it after the expiry of the insurance period, you could be in for some hefty fines.

6. Longer Insurance Policy:

If you plan to drive a long distance, such as to London, then you may want to consider taking out a longer insurance policy. This will ensure that you will be fully covered should anything happen and the damage is not covered by the car hire with insurance policy. This is especially true if you drive around in bad weather conditions and you do not drive in a particularly busy area.

7. Limited Mileage Policy:

If you are planning to take out PCO Car Hire with Insurance for short trips, then it is probably a better idea to take out a limited mileage policy. This will mean that you can drive for a smaller number of miles and if something happens to your car, you will not have to worry about paying for the whole cost of the accident. However, you will need to consider the amount of insurance cover you are looking for and decide if it is worth the expense.

8. Few factors to Take into Account:

Another thing to bear in mind is that there are a few factors you need to take into account if you are taking the insurance on your car. Some of these include the amount of insurance coverage you want and how you are going to pay for the insurance should an accident occur. It is important to consider all of this before you make any decisions.


If you are taking a PCO car with insurance from a leading provider, it is worth checking online to see if you can get deals with other companies. There are often promotions and discounts to be had if you take out several different policies through one company. The main reason for this is because some insurance companies will offer discounts to those who take out different types of insurance policies with them. It may also be worth asking if you can take out a discount on their insurance if you take out your car hire with insurance with them for a longer period. You can call Pace Hire to get the best car hire services in London.

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