Keto diet has taken its place among the highest orders of dietary plans, as it has now become so much more than just a simple diet. Keto diet has its own set of rules, benefits, and set-backs but what effects does it have on your skin? Is it healthy for it? Does it have an effect on your complexion? We’ll answer all these questions for you by telling you the keto diet benefits for skin.

Many people have now taken the keto diet as a religious living style and are devoted to keeping keto a part of their lives forever. Why shouldn’t they? Keto diet has numerous benefits apart from just weight loss, it is a complete way of living a healthy and well-disciplined life. Apart from the very quick weight loss, the diet delivers it also has the world going crazy for it because of its unique effects.

Many people report many different benefits of the keto diet like a sharper mind, a healthier routine, good sleep, and better digestion. But what about its effects on your skin? Some people reported a healthier and clearer skin tone with a brighter complexion but some people say that it has given them rashes and a weird itch on their bellies. What is the truth to all this? First, let’s see what the keto diet is and what effects does it have on your body. “The question we will try to answer: Is it really healthy for your skin?”

What Is the Keto Diet? Why Is It Trending These Days?

The main factor that drives the keto diet and has made it so popular is its extremely effective weight loss abilities. Keto works in a very simple biological way that is not that hard to understand and figure out. So, what basically happens is, you restrict the number of carbs that you normally intake in your diet to a very bare minimum. This kicks your body into a biological state called “ketosis”, in ketosis the body starts to break all the fat into “ketones”. These ketones are what power your body and provide its energy leading to significant fat reduction and ultimately a lot of weight loss. Low carb intake is often paired up with a high-fat diet that turns your body into the ultimate fat burning biological machine.

Keto diet starts getting famous at the start of 2010 and around 2013 it had gained a huge number of religious followers. As the diet delivered extremely effective results that no one had seen before, the keto diet rode the winds of success to every corner of the world. The success of this diet is majorly given to books like The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Living, The Art, and Science of Low Carbohydrate Performance, and to the internet as well. People who started getting results took to the internet and spread their stories which motivated many other people to opt for the diet. For more information and updates visit

What Benefits Does the Keto Diet Has to Offer?

The diet is notorious for having many benefits. It is reported that the diet was first developed to treat children’s epilepsy. Furthermore, it has been reported to have a positive effect on cancer patients in their early stages. Apart from all these, it also is known to be quite effective at controlling the blood sugar of people who are suffering from type 2 diabetes. However, most of these benefits are still not accepted widely as the diet has not gone through much medical research and examination.

May dieticians say that the only benefit of the keto diet is weight-loss and that too at a very heavy cost. Keto diet forces you to completely neglect complete food groups which can lead to several types of nutritional deficiencies. However, they are known to work for patients that have type 2 diabetes or prediabetes. 

What Kind of Perverse Effects Can the Keto Diet Have?

The most notorious side effect of the keto diet that almost all the people who follow the diet report is “extreme constipation”. This mainly caused due to the complete boycott of fibers. Fiber-rich foods are usually not keto-friendly, which is why the digestive system goes haywire without an intake of fibers. Apart from this, the diet is not recommended for individuals that have suffered from eating disorders before in their life.

Coming to the terms of nutritional deficiencies that it causes; it is safe to say that it might make your body and your immune system a little more prone to diseases. What does all this have to do with your skin tone? Let’s see

What Are the Keto Diet Benefits for Skin?

Keto diet has proven to be very positive in terms of skin tone and complexion. The main reason behind this is the low intake of carbs that the diet has recommended following. Many dermatologists say that it also helps in getting clearer skin. This is mainly because the acne is caused by inflammation and the inflammation is usually caused by carbohydrates. When there is a low carb and high-fat diet, the skin gets its chance to rejuvenate itself as there is low inflammation in the body which makes the skin more radiant, and fair.

However, there are a small fraction of people that may face a skin condition in the early stages of entering ketosis. The condition medically known as “prurigo pigmentosa” or commonly called “keto rash” is a very rare skin inflammatory dermatosis. Not everyone faces this and there are treatments for it as well.

Some Final Words

The main thing here is the diet is not for your skin, it is for your body. As everyone has a different skin type the diet reacts in a very different way with everyone. The results are not definitive as one person might get a clear skin tone while another might face a huge breakout. The main thing that everyone can do for their skin is to drink lots and lots of water and maintain a healthy diet.


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