One of the fastest-evolving industries in the modern world is the technological industry, especially when it comes to smartphones, tablets and laptops. Because these three products are the ones that consumers mostly want to stay abreast of. Well, gaming consoles and PC’s too, but you get the idea. People want news about what’s bubbling in the technology cauldron, and in the time of mobile apps, they want one, conveniently from a tech news app. 

Luckily, there are a ton of tech news apps and websites that handle solely the tech side of things. You’ve got regular news carriers like Bloomberg, Fox or CNN. Then, you’ve got websites like GSMArena, CNet or Softonic that deal with technology: new laptops, smartphones, software updates, reviews and whatnot. However, a dedicated app for tech news? That’ll take the cake. If you’re on Android or Apple (or even Windows- for our Microsoft fans), here are a bunch of tech news apps that can keep you up-to-date on the latest offerings and news from giants like Apple, Samsung and the likenesses.

The Best Tech News Apps

Keep in mind that the tech news apps discussed in this section are all available for both platforms, on Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store. And since all these apps have their own dedicated websites, you can use your trusty old laptop to access the tech news too.

  • Flipboard

Flipboard is among the pioneers of this whole ‘tech news apps’ thing. It came preloaded with a lot of Android smartphones back in 2014 and 2015 and still is one of the most reliable, easy-to-use and comprehensive tech news apps on the store right now. You can download it for both the major platforms. The best feature of Flipboard would be its categories that it offers to the user. While it started with an almost basic roster of features and categories of news article, Flipboard has since then expanded to include a good majority of topics, ranging from gaming to niche-tech items, like consoles or even workstations. You have to sign up at first with your email, and there, you can select the tech niche you want to get the news of. Don’t worry, if you forget to cross any category on sign-up, you can reselect in the settings menu. The tech news app then compiles articles and news from all over the internet and compiles it in a nice, easy-to-use format that hasn’t been majorly changed since 2015.

  • Microsoft News

Microsoft News is also a big player in this category and has the backing of MSN and several other news retailers. Since it is a news app of the tech behemoth, you can expect some fairly good weight that Microsoft has threw behind it. Very user-friendly and filled to the brim with authentic and verified tech news, Microsoft News is a must-have tech news app for the purists. Available on all major platforms, you can simply download the tech news app from the online store and simply select the categories you want: tech, industry or whatever rustles your jimmies. Once you’ve selected the categories, the app will start showing news articles and updates from your choice of tech articles and voila! You’re now up-to-date on the tech matters.

  • CNet

CNet is also among the first players in the tech news apps market. They benefit from the inclusion of their dedicated website, that deals only in tech-related newstuff. But maybe the biggest advantage that pulls CNet ahead of all the other entries on this list is the fact that the mobile application itself is dedicated to tech, creating and giving you a full-on tech news app feeling. The app does not include other categories like politics, films or music and whatnot. However, tech is covered in great detail and each and every niche within this category is explained and dissected with relevance. Everything in tech, from the new iPhone renderings to the latest in self-driving automobiles is available for your perusal in the CNet tech news app. It also comes with loads of other features that are supposed to make your browsing easy, like night mode, which switches the entire application to a black background mode, which is supposed to go easy on your eyes. The tech news app itself is optimised and very intuitive to use for smartphones and even tablets (phablets too).

  • TechCrunch

TechCrunch, as the name implies, is among the best tech news apps for both Apple and Android. It covers tech in detail, but the focus of the application and its website remains in the niche of tech startups. However, the app isn’t too bad when it comes to tech news from established companies in the Silicon Valley. TechCrunch still accurately reports on the happenings with the leaders of the digital revolution: from HP’s latest Spectre model to South Korea’s answer to iPhone 12, TechCrunch’s reports are authentic and fact-based, rather than rumour-based. The tech news app itself is pretty nifty to use and keeps you up-to-date with all the revelations in Silicon Valley and elsewhere.

  • Beebom

Beebom, like TechCrunch, is a news app dedicated to tech and its various offshoots. As such, you will not find politics or other topics there, rather just tech news. Everything from mobiles to laptops to new updates to various operating software, Beebom’s tech news app will keep you up-to-date on the latest offerings and happenings. Even more so than that, Beebom also has a section dedicated to popular niches like gaming and smartphones, so its basically a one-stop destination for all things tech. Beebom has a great roster of writers and news compilations, so the articles are very engaging and catchy, and since most of the writers themselves are into tech and gaming, you can find a lot of good suggestions and helpful guides and walkthroughs of games and other software, so it is a really good addition in the always-growing list of tech news apps. Beebom is based in India, which itself is gearing up to become an IT and tech powerhouse in the coming years. Want to get more news around tech visit

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