The moving process is always found on the extremes, either it is extremely underwhelmed or extremely over-hyped. According to us, it is quite a difficult task to manage if you are trying to pull it off on your own without the help of any third-party moving services. However, such companies make this task extremely easy for you as they are extremely well-equipped and prepared for it. So, what is the average cost of full service movers in the US? Let’s see what services they have to offer and find out. You will soon understand these services are not that expensive and are totally worth their value.

Without any professional help from full service movers, you might certainly face many problems some of them being quite dangerous as there are quite heavy objects in the average American households like refrigerators, beds, and closets. They can be extremely heavy and require extreme care in handling as they can cause severe damage to the people trying to move them.  This is why movers are usually preferred by many people as they take care of all this quite professionally and with care.

All you have to do is hire a full service moving company that will take care of your complete moving process. From the start to the finish and all you have to do is tell them what and how you need the stuff set. Many people think that these services are quite costly and are over the edge in pricing, however, that is not true as you will find out soon.

What Do These Full-Service Movers Actually Provide You?

Before jumping into the cost discussion of these services, let’s see what kind of services they actually provide you. The main idea behind a successful move is task orientation and task completion. These people are extremely experienced in task management and will start sorting out and complete your tasks easily. The main idea is to reduce your hassle and provide you expert assistance in the process of moving your place.

The best experts in the moving business will have the job done for you just in a single day and even take care of all the logistics and manpower required in the moving process. What else is there left? All you have to do is select the best moving company that is in your affordable price range. It is that simple, now you’re all set to go to your new house without any much of a hassle.

How Do These Companies Actually Work? Is There Any Foul Play Involved?

These guys are experts in creating the perfect moving solution for your needs. They also tailor their services on custom and make the best moving plan for your special needs. If you really want your goods and property safely moved, these people are your best option and that too at a very affordable price.

There are many tools that are available online like cost calculators but there are some basic factors that affect the price of your moving process. We will discuss some of the most basic factors here that will help you understand the whole pricing method quite easily. Visit for more news and updates.

What Affects Your Total Average Cost?

If you have no prior experience in hiring a moving service before then you might find these things totally new and overwhelming. However, you need to keep in mind that the total cost of these moving services that will incur you are based on many other small things that make up your total bill.

The main elements that have an effect on moving costs are listed below:

The Hourly rates

The hourly rate is the amount of money that the movers will charge on an hourly basis over the total period of your moving process. Every moving company has its own hourly rates which are usually fixed and they have increased in amount after every hour that they work for you. These rates usually depend on other elements as well as the time and date of the week when you’re moving and they increase and decrease based on them.

Logistics Fees

These moving services provide their own transport trucks for you so that there is no hassle in hiring a truck from the outside. They take all your stuff from your old house to your new house and the logistics fee or the truck fee is the amount that you have to pay for hiring the truck. This very helpful as you don’t have to go out hunting for a truck service that will get your stuff across to the next place. 

The Cost of Manpower

This depends upon how many people you actually need to actually move all your stuff from point A to point B. This means that the greater number of people you hire, the more amount you have to pay for their services. There are many special movers as well that have experience in moving special items like ACs, Plumbing material, or geysers. The average cost remains the same, it just depends on how much stuff you have and how many people you decide to hire to move it.

The Base Price

This is a fixed amount that the movers charge you for organizing a truck for you. This is paid one time only and is completely separate from the hourly rate that you are paying.

The Tips You Pay to The Movers

The movers or the people that you hire to move your stuff require a tip, it is not added to the total bill. This tip is mandatory as the movers require it and it is their rightful earning as well as they give complete attention, time, and strength towards getting your stuff packed, moved and then opened. 

How can you Reduce the Cost of your Moving Process?

You can do the following things to reduce your total bill for the moving process:

  • Pack yourself
  • Choose the right time and date of moving
  • Sort your inventory accordingly

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