Weight gain is a very common phenomenon nowadays. Lately, almost everyone is suffering from weight gain. Many people are gaining more weight by thinking of gaining weight. Many people are not able to lose weight even after trying a lot. In fact, just as there are many reasons behind weight gain, there are also many reasons behind not losing weight.

However, the reasons for the weight gain of most people in our country include lazy lifestyle, eating extra oily food, not getting enough dietary fiber, not exercising and one more big reason is eating three times more rice than you need. Also, there are several other important reasons why people gain weight very fast but do not lose weight easily. Weight loss will be followed by fatigue and constant tiredness.

Some mistakes that stop to lose weight:

If you think you are exercising regularly, taking weight loss medicine that works and eating less or not losing weight even after following all the rules, then you have to understand that the problem is deeper.

  • Weight loss will be followed by fatigue and constant tiredness. In that case, it is possible to lose weight if these diseases are treated and treated as well as if proper diet and exercise are done regularly.
  • Weight loss will be followed by fatigue and constant tiredness. As a result of not eating, the body is weak, so after not eating for a long time, whenever food comes in front, more food is taken than required. The result is weight gain.
  • People who exercise regularly and eat oily and sweet foods after exercising do not lose weight easily.
  • Go to bed immediately after eating. No matter how little you eat, if you fall asleep shortly after eating, your metabolism slows down, resulting in weight gain. The best time to eat and sleep is at least 2 hours 30 minutes to 3 hours.
  • Don’t eat fruit but you like fruit juice a lot. As a result, natural sugar is present and table sugar is used in making juices. As a result, extra calories are added to your food list. And ‘extra calories’ means ‘extra weight gain’.
  • Many people drink tea several times a day and the sugar that is added to the tea each time becomes an obstacle to weight loss. If you want to stay fit, no more than 2 teaspoons of sugar throughout the day.
  • Not getting enough fiber or dietary fiber every day. Vegetables and fruits or fiber help to dominate our appetite. As well as helping to remove fat from the body.
  • Drink less water. Water helps every organ in our body to function properly and increases metabolism. So, if you want to lose weight, you need to drink the right amount of water.
  • Do not exercise regularly. Exercise at least 150 minutes a week to lose weight or stay fit.
  • Sitting in one place for a long time. The rule is – those who have to sit and work all day to get up from the place at least every 30 minutes and walk for 2-3 minutes.
  • Most people want to lose weight very fast. Weight gain in 5 to 10 years is almost impossible to lose in three months. So first of all you have to take a long term plan. Reducing the initial weight by 5-10 percent greatly reduces the risk of obesity. The goal must be fixed first. Then proceed slowly. There is no need to weigh yourself every week. This leads to frustration.
  • Not only do you lose weight by dieting, you also need exercise or physical labor. Eighty percent of the magic of weight loss is a change in eating habits, the remaining 30 percent is exercise. You need to keep yourself active enough even outside of exercise. Those who get out of bed once an hour and do a little stretching (stretching arms and legs), their metabolism increases up to 13 percent.
  • Excessive sleep increases weight — this idea is not correct. Rather, those who have relatively little sleep are more likely to be obese. Waking up at night increases weight. Stress also increases weight.
  • Weight lose can be due to complications of thyroid, cortisol and some other hormones. Some drugs also cause weight gain. You need to seek medical attention to find out if there is any reason behind weight loss.

If you want to lose weight, you have to make a calorie deficit in the body first. In this case, the easiest way is to reduce 250 calories from the daily diet, not only that, but also to burn 250 calories by exercising at the same time. This way the body loses the required calories, resulting in weight loss easily. In this case, it is better to go ahead with small targets. Weakness can occur if the body lacks a lot of calories at once.

So, if you are overweight, if you want to lose weight, first take the advice of a doctor and a nutritionist. This will make it easier to find out the exact reasons for your weight gain and it will be much easier to lose weight through a concerted effort.

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