With the thought of helping the manga industry, with the scanlation site to shut down one by one. It is initiated by Manga rock when they decide to shut down  their business because it hurts the manga industry to some extent. This is followed by two or more scanlation sites, Mangastream and Jaimini’s Box.As reported recently, the two big scanlation sites provide early scans of fan favorite manga have shut down. 

Mangastream and Jaimini’s Box alternative: a replacement era of piracy?

Contrary to its purpose however, this operation pack up could also be the dawn to a replacement era of manga piracy.

Wrong move of manga stream?

Wrong move of manga stream-Mangastream and Jaimini's Box-click42

According to the announcement the main purpose is to give way for a new era of free access to all legal digital copies of manga.

Those moves did not gain much popularity with the worldwide manga community. Those fans are supported to pay for legal manga platforms, it could not help to still patronize scanlation sites. An avid fan for One Piece or other mangas can express how this closure of scanlation sites has gone wrong.

New world Artur wrote a full length article to talk about the issues. He first points out that contrary to its purpose, this shut down may use a new era of piracy. He explained that scanlations exist for the people to read them, and what can be done to the situation.

Jaiminisbox announced on December 18, 2019, to follow Manga Stream and to stop releasing raw scans of Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump of manga series.

Newworld-Artur’s argument:

According to Newworld-Artur, raw scans exist because they break street dates.It means that the preparation of hard copies of manga are available at stores for a few days prior for the official release date. In Some stores they can sell their copies even if it is not officially released yet. These copies are spread throughout the internet as spoilers, and eventually as scanlations.People patronize these methods for a multitude of reasons.

Newworld-Artur has given six reasons why people read scans. Among these reasons,I think that the most relevant are the spoilers of the official release of the site and translation.

While the media’s services are more tolerable, Manga Plus on the other hand. There are several complaints about both the site and the app. Newworld-Artur expresses the best way to avert the situation of the official and legal platforms to give better services than the scanlation sites.

Where to rename manga now?

Where to rename manga now-Mangastream and Jaimini’s Box-click42

When Mangastream and Jaiminisbox give up Weekly Shonen Jump scanlations, fans scramble for alternatives. For the flash of One Piece of community specifically, were bummed out by the late appearances of early release of  upcoming chapters.

Many scanlation sites may already shut down. People of manga can still have free access to fan favorite manga. Official people can read their favorite manga through the official website of media and Manga Plus. It is like all age groups of people around the world. Fans can  download those apps for a more convenient read.However they are still some scanlation sites where fans can expect their early release but the poor quality with Some alternatives of Imgur and manga panda.


if you cannot tell already that It is more than my regular manga day glee, no this is so much more. All thanks to certain manga by the name of One Piece. This week’s chapter was everything that I wanted. It is a conclusion for running about and all the leads up to plot the lines. It is the moment that laws are finally free to wreak havoc on the battlefield again, and this time he has no better to get overwhelmed by that bastard mingo. 

However mangastream is under lock, it has many alternatives and they provide the top comics in regular times & write for us.  It’s going to be a two or one fight so that the ball is in his court, both have a luffy’s to prove themselves the total bad arse characters that we all know them to be.

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