1. Efficient recruitment process

Human talent is irreplaceable by any machine. It is the primary reason why the performance of the company depends heavily on its employees. A big talent pool of highly talented, educated, and skilled employees can drive a company to the vision. It is a defining factor for any company. It may determine its success and failure. Many companies end up outsourcing the hiring process to other companies because they believe that it is a time-taking, resource-consuming complicated process. Here are some effective methods that you can implement to reduce the time to hire a candidate. These can streamline your recruitment process and save valuable time for it.

2. Analyze the data

Before you try to streamline your candidate sourcing process, you must know which process takes how much time. Start the process by gathering previous recruitment data and analyze it rationally. When it is time to hire, as a professional recruiter, you must need to know your standard time of recruitment. You must examine the time taken for every stage of the recruitment and find methods to improve every step of recruitment. You also need to analyze the quality of the job applicant and short out poor applicants as quickly as possible. If possible, compare your recruitment process with industry standards and improve each stage. 

3. Have a structured hiring method

Companies that recruit with no plan or a process chart might end up spending time and resources in redundant works. Instead, develop a structured hiring method and let every applicant go through this method. In this process, you must verify the credential of the applicant. Then you should build communication through phone calls. After passing the preliminary interview course on the phone, collaborate with the applicant to fix an interview time. This collaboration is essential if you are choosing video calls for a face-to-face interview. Do not start to create the plan on the day of the recruitment process. Keep the blueprint of the process ready. When it’s time to hire, you can save lots of time by following a structured method of hiring.

4. Develop a talent pipeline

It is an excellent idea to develop a talent pipeline if you recruit people regularly. This way, you will have a constant presence of quality talent in your back pocket. At your next time to hire, you can use this talent pool for recruitment. You must need to know the future demand of the industry to build a talent pipeline for the company.

Based on the requirement, sort out these people in different categories, according to their skill type. Remember to create a communication bond with candidates in the pipeline.

5. Redesign the careers page

You may not know, but the careers page can also become a useful tool when it’s time to hire quality talent. Along with job listing, you can use this page for smart recruitment. You can add smart forms with every job listing. These smart forms will automatically categorize talent according to their education and skill criteria. This way, it will reduce redundancy in your talent database and also automates mundane tasks. You also need to give the careers page a professional look. When you are recruiting, you are also marketing your company to the interviewee. A professional website is a bare minimum requirement.

6. Source candidates quickly

To speed up the recruitment process, you need to source candidates quickly. You can utilize this method to get a high quality of job applicants.

  • Paid advertisement: Paid advertisements in online and offline media will reach a wider audience. Even though this method is a bit expensive for small job recruiters, it always delivers a better result.
  • Social advertisement: You can also spread the news about your job through social networking sites. LinkedIn and Facebook are two effective sites for this task.
  • Job sites: There are many dedicated job sites available on the internet that allow you to recruit people directly through them. You can try specialized job sites like indeed.com, shine.com, and freshersworld.com.
  • Referrals: You can also use your industry contacts to find quality talent. It is one of the cheapest ways to source quality talent.
  • Promotion: Another alternative way to find quality candidates is through internal talent acquiring. This method of recruitment also increases the motivation to work effectively.


7. Application Tracking System (ATS)

There is no doubt that technology has improved the way we work, and you can utilize tech to improve the recruitment process. There are many  Application Tracking System (ATS) software available which can make your job easy. This system will help you build a talent pipeline, sort valid applications, schedule the interview, compliance-checking, and other tasks. Most of the processes of these tracking systems are automatic, and it will reduce redundant manual-intensive tasks.

8. Assessment software

These programs are one type of recruitment software specifically designed to speed up the recruiting process. With the help of this software, you can design various skill tests, cognitive ability assessments, and personality questionnaires for the candidates. It lets you explore the capabilities of the candidates and recruit people scientifically. Different multinational companies use assessment programs to filter out quality applicants from thousands of candidates. You can also use this program to build better interviews.

9. Clear job listing

At the time of posting a job listing, many recruiters do not write clear job descriptions. Writing vague job description will indeed give more applicants. Still, most of them will be of undesirable attributes, which will increase the time taken for screening. Therefore, it is always best to write a proper job description. A detailed description of the job will attract qualified applicants and will increase the interviewee’s perception of the job and the company value.

10. Integrate all systems

You need to integrate the applicant tracking software with other systems to get better results. It is not efficient to have three to four software packages for recruitment. You need to utilize a single-window solution that takes care of your candidate validation, contact screening, and appointment scheduling. This integration will reduce redundancy and error incidence.

11. Quick interview

Interviews need not be face-to-face. You can choose to have a video conference call. Make a list of questions to ask and determine the list of abilities you need to identify during the interview process. If the candidate has to undergo numerous stages of interviews, it is best to have a panel interview to reduce time. Remember to convey any crucial job-related information during the interview. Document the details of the interview for assessing the candidates.



The hiring process might look simple, but it is a multi-stage complex process. Right from finding sources for the database of talents to salary negotiation, the entire process can take weeks and even months. 

The best way to reduce the time taken is by adhering to technology. You can communicate with the candidates with no regard to the time zone or geographical location and reach a wide range of audiences for your interview process. At the same time, technology can only reduce redundant and mundane work. The prime process of comparing and finding the right talent lies in the hand of an efficient HR manager or his team. However, the technology can create assessment tools, deliver compelling messages, and attract the interviewee.

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